Buying land in a metaverse: a step-by-step guide

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Experienced traders have said: “when there is an explicit and obvious trend, it is a good idea to go with it”. Knowing how to buy land in a metaverse is closely related to this phrase.

If you’re wondering how the phrase and this guide connect, the answer is simple. Virtual worlds or metaverses, powered by blockchain, show a clear growth trend since their conception.

Today I’ll tell you everything you need to consider when buying land in a metaverse. Go ahead!

First, what is a plot in a metaverse?

Before turning to the “how”, we must be sure that we all know the “what”. So, when we talk about “buying land in a metaverse”, it is necessary to take a small step back and clear up doubts about these concepts.

What is a metaverse?

It is, as I have already anticipated, a virtual world. In this virtual world, users are represented by “avatars”. Let us imagine this virtual world as an extension or mirror of the real world. By analogy, our “avatar” would be our mirror or extension in the metaverse.

Like human beings, in the physical world, this “avatar” will be nourished by experiences, interactions and will be able to accumulate goods. Metaverses continue the logic of the capitalist system, in which “land” can be acquired and individual or collective beings can own it.

Thus, in the same way that our person is represented by an “avatar” in a metaverse, our safe place, our house or property, is represented in the game as a land.

What do we buy when we buy land in a metaverse?

Everything we see in a metaverse is represented as an NFT, which is why land is easily identifiable, its ownership is verified in minutes and it can be acquired, transferred and generate value.

In short, by acquiring a land in the metaverse, we are acquiring the ownership of a NFT. With the particularity of owning a small space within a virtual world.

How to buy land in a metaverse?

Now we know the “what”, so we can, without further delay, attack the “how”. Since a terrain is a NFT that represents a small portion of metavertical land, there are two classic ways to get hold of them and a third, which depends on chance and our attention.

The first way to acquire land in a metaverse is through “mining events”. These events, generally announced without haste, in order to give time to prepare our coins, and with sufficient diffusion, are the starting point of most metaverses. Being the first to arrive, beyond its risks, usually pays off.

Secondly, once the “mining events” are over and all the plots are distributed, the secondary markets ( ex. Opensea) open their doors and the free market makes its glorious entrance. At this stage, the negotiating expertise of the users is the propellant of the best deals.

Finally, there is a third way to get hold of land in a metaverse. It may sound fanciful, but believe me it happens. I’m talking about raffles. Both the official channels of the project, as well as private NFT holders, often conduct such sweepstakes and they are opportunities not to be missed.

Now, let’s see how to participate in these methods and gain a foothold in the metaverse.

¿Comprar terrenos en un metaverso guía paso a paso?

Guide to buying land in a metaverse

This section will analyze step by step each of the three means by which we can proudly state that we own land in a metaverse. The common factors in each of the options are:

      • Dedication
      • Patience
      • Study

Now let’s get started.


Minting a terrain in a metaverse?

The famous minting events. Like any other NFT, the lands belonging to metaverses are released to the world through events in which a lucky few are able to get their hands on them.

Undoubtedly, Twitter and Discord are the platforms on which this information is usually disclosed well in advance. This gives us the opportunity to prepare ourselves. In what way?

      • Studying the project and its possibilities
      • Analyzing available NFT quantity, prices and possible returns
      • Acquiring the coins needed to mine ( ex. buying Ethereum).
      • Reserving the exact day and time to click the “mint” button without delay.

Once the previous research has been completed, the day of the “mint” or launching of the plots will arrive. In order to successfully overcome this event it is recommended to

  • Be connected to the page where the event will be held a few minutes before the event.
  • Having the necessary funds to mine and pay for fees
  • Reduce the number of devices connected to the WiFi network to the minimum possible.
  • As soon as the “mint” button is available, click on it.

In this article you will find more tips on how to successfully mint an NFT.


How to buy land in a metaverse?

Having completed the events described above, it is time to turn to marketplaces. A marketplace, or secondary market, is the website on which holders of NFTs attempt to profit from them.

There are three methods:

      • Immediate sale
      • Auction
      • Counter-bids

The methods available will depend on the platform on which the land is traded, as well as the fees and royalties to be paid in these exchanges.

There is a second, perhaps more risky, way to buy land in metaverses. This involves direct negotiation on specific channels such as the project’s Discord.

Here the “lands” holders publish their NFTs and await direct contact from buyers. Undoubtedly, security increases when the organization of the metaverse itself, its agents, act as intermediaries, either receiving the NFT or the payment and delivering it to complete the transaction or simply arbitrating this relationship.

The risk here is greater, therefore act with extreme caution and thorough investigation.


How to participate in land raffles in metaverses?

This option is real. It exists and will continue to exist. To participate in these sweepstakes it is necessary to be attentive, participative and involved.

Twitter is the social network in which these sweepstakes are carried out. Generally, you are asked to “follow” an account, “tag” friends and “retweet”. With these simple actions we will be becoming part of the expectant hopefuls who await the blessing of the gods of chance.

Of course, we can never leave aside the participation in the Discord of the project we are interested in. There we also carry out raffles and, undoubtedly, if they take place via Twitter, the project’s Discord will be notified without delay.

Fingers crossed!

¿Comprar terrenos en un metaverso guía paso a paso?

Popular Metaverses

In recent times, it has become a constant that every major blockchain has at least one metaverse.

Undoubtedly, by age and by total locked-up capital in the network (TVL), those metaverses on the Ethereum network stand out above the rest, but the growth of the sector in general is impressive.

We can list the following, metaverses by network:

We can find more examples, but this is a list of interesting projects. Most of them have already carried out the first mines of their lands or even all their lands have been mined. Therefore, going to secondary markets and raffles is the best opportunity to get land in these parallel worlds.

The future of owners in the metaverse

The options for land holders in blockchain-mounted metaverses are diverse. For those eager to fill their wallets, they can go to the secondary market and sell their land for immediate profit.

Patients, who are confident in the development of virtual universes, are awaiting advances in development to set up their own scenarios and monetize their properties.

A lot of ink has been spent predicting that this year, the value of metaverses and their implementation will be successfully “tested”. Once again to set our alarms and await the various outcomes with eyes wide open and your PC mouse ready for action…

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