What is Gaia Everworld?

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I am not mentioning anything new if I say that the growth of the ecosystem driven after the birth of Bitcoin, continues to gain new and different spaces day after day.

For this reason, it’s not all about DeFi or payment solutions focused on decentralizing and cutting out the middlemen. There is also room for fun and recreation.

The concept of “play to win” is connecting the two worlds at an accelerating pace. More and more humans are beginning to feel comfortable perceiving themselves represented through “avatars” in virtual metaverses.

Today it is my turn to approach this world through GAIA Everworld, a platform deployed on the Polygon network that seeks to cover the aforementioned segments.

Learn more about GAIA Everworld

GAIA Everworld is a game based on a metaverse deployed on the Polygon blockchain. In this “Play to Earn” or “P2E” style game, participants can create their own kingdom and explore territories through characters called GAIA. These characters, with unique characteristics represented by NFTs, are trained to engage in fierce battles against other characters in the metaverse.

Similarities with games such as Pokemon and Clash can be clearly identified in the design of this project.


What differentiates GAIA Everworld from other projects?

I believe that what stands out the most in GAIA are the spectacular graphics powered by Unity and Unreal Engine, added to the compelling narrative behind this metaverse, which invites users to get fully involved and empower their GAIA to face the next battle.

The narrative behind GAIA Everworld

Beyond its powerful graphics, evidenced through the promotional videos that anticipate what the future of this metaverse will be once it is deployed on Polygon’s network, it is its narrative that invites users to get involved in this metaverse.

As the story goes, Gaia is a strange world full of mysteries, beautiful landscapes, strange creatures and wild monsters. This world miraculously emerged from the deepest abyss of the ocean and, once discovered by “the Empire”, instantly became a place of exile for those who politically opposed the Emperor, rebels and simply all those who did not favor him.

These exiles were forced to survive in a new and hostile environment. Thus, they made Gaia their new homeland. They created new colonies and fortresses. But as the exiles advanced, so did their ambition for more land and power. Thus, a war broke out between all the exiles.

As the years passed, the exiles became more powerful as they took over the resources of their land and developed their own Gaia armies, mythical war creatures of Gaia EverWorld.

As could not be expected otherwise, “The Emperor” one morning decided that he wanted Gaia and all its resources to belong to him again. He therefore ordered his army to conquer it and make it part of his kingdom.

So, given these precedents, the GAIA, and therefore the users of the game, have two options, surrender to the emperor’s army or fight to defend their kingdom.

I don’t know what you think, but a narrative like this one doesn’t come along very often in a “Play to Earn” game, let alone on par with such attractive graphics as evidenced by the photographs in this article.

¿Qué es Gaia Everworld GAIA?

GAIA Everworld, the game

Beyond hearing nice stories and looking at pictures, you’re probably wondering, in practice, what options the game will offer.

Let’s move on to the analysis of the three game modes that have been presented by the team so far.


Adventure Mode

In this mode, you will be able to play as in online multiplayer fantasy role-playing games. You will have to complete quests and roam the map. You will be able to get to know and explore new terrains, taking advantage of the graphical advantages that take place in Gaia EverWorld.


Player vs Player mode

Undoubtedly, an extremely attractive modality, which we can easily translate into “player vs. player”. Competitions will be organized in arena mode, in the style of Pókemon or, for those involved in P2E games, Axie Infinity.

An interesting novelty that GAIA Everworld brings with it is that these arena mode battles can be observed by third parties, who can place bets on their results. Needless to say, the game has its own token, the unit of exchange for these transactions, the details of which I will mention later in this article.

Are you wondering how these battles will take place? They will be a card strategy game with a spice of luck, since some blows may be critical. In these confrontations, each player will be able to count with up to 4 Gaia warriors in their Battle Legion, or team, when competing.

Battles will allow multiplayer support, being necessary a minimum of two and supporting confrontations with up to four players simultaneously.

It is evident that the team behind this project considered the idea of allowing battles between two players, with the idea of making it easier to enter.

Players can own many Gaia and select their battle legion, before each encounter, taking into account the characteristics necessary to best adapt to the arena in which they will fight.

Just for participating, both players receive tokens as a reward, with the winner being rewarded with a larger amount of tokens.


Legion Mode

The third and last mode of this game is inspired by strategy games such as Age of Empires or Diablo. Here, users will be able to take possession of a piece of land, their objective being to transform it into a great fortress.

As in games of this style, peace and quiet will not last forever. Other players will try to attack your terrain or fortress, so defending it will be a vital part of your participation in the game.

The counterpart, of course, will be to try to attack other players’ fortresses or terrains. Through these duels, you will be able to win resources and the $GGP, the platform token, which will have different uses to advance and improve your position in the game.

The latest news about the game was precisely in this way. On December 7 of this year, the first “lands” of this metaverse were put up for sale by public auction.

The event turned out to be a great success, reaching the long-awaited “sold out” of some 10,000 lands in less than two hours.


¿Qué es Gaia Everworld GAIA?


GAIA and its tokenomics

As I indicated at the beginning, GAIA Everworld is one of the next projects to be launched in the Polygon network, which seeks to position itself as a leader in the segment by taking advantage of its EVM compatibility, speed and low tariffs.

Given these characteristics, we could not expect any other standard to give life to its token than the ERC-20This token, identified with the ticker GAIA, will not only be the exchange currency and unit of measure of the game, but will also serve as the governance currency of GAIA Everworld.

This is an interesting perspective, as it involves users from another level, inviting them to make decisions about the game, deciding the course to follow.

On the other hand, today future players can purchase their GAIA to get their GAIA warriors, which are already on sale in NFT mode, and also participate in the auctions organized with the aim of distributing the lands needed to participate in the Gaia EverWorld metaverse.



The future of GAIA Everworld

I intend to close this article, in the same sense in which I started it. It is important to understand that the technologies provided by the blockchain ecosystem not only serve to solve financial problems and shortages. Fun is a fundamental component of any human being’s life, whether or not he or she is a gamer. With GAIA, you will be able to leave at least for a while your daily avatar and immerse yourself in a completely different world, where even as a consequence of having fun, you will be able to generate money.

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