Top 10 best video games to earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (2022)

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Not everything in life is about charts, prices, investment returns and compound interest. Human beings need relaxation and fun, but what if we add to this earning some bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in the meantime?

Undoubtedly, the crossover between blockchain and the gaming industry has provided great opportunities that have empowered both worlds and even given birth to a new concept: Play to Earn games.

Today we will review which are the best video games to earn cryptocurrencies in 2022.

Earn Bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies

In order to maintain an order and facilitate the reading, respecting the title, I will first review 3 video games with which you can earn “sats”, the minimum unit of measure of bitcoin, as a reward.

It is necessary to cut off from certain illusions and warn that these games do not yield huge profits. However, it is also necessary to clarify that those who practice them regularly over the years have obtained amounts that time and the price of the most important currency in the ecosystem have been in charge of increasing.

Secondly, I will refer to 7 video games to earn cryptocurrencies other than BTC. This section will bring us examples of platforms with which users have accumulated voluminous profits, those capable of changing lives.

However, these generally require an initial investment, which must be deducted from the profits, assuming the risk of never recovering the original amount.

Three games to earn Bitcoin (BTC)

Let’s start with the place where everyone wants to be, earning “sats” for the simple fact of playing games. Let’s see which are the three most outstanding in this category.

Roller Coin

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular games to earn btc. Here users will simulate being in charge of a mining farm. Perhaps it can also serve to test ourselves in this role.

Ultimately, those who participate will also have the possibility of playing mini-games, through which they will improve the capacity of their “mining farm“. This will result in a better performance that will be accompanied by greater rewards.

Although you can enter Roller Coin for free, there is the possibility of making investments to boost your earnings. As always, be careful with this point. If you want to know more, check out this guide about Rollercoin.



When we download Sarutobi, available for Android but also accessible in desktop version, we will meet a cute monkey, whose task is to collect coins.

You can imagine what these coins represent, right? Each one is equivalent to a “sat”. This way we will be in control of how many we will be taking while participating in the game.

Now, you might think that you have to collect years of minimum sats to accumulate an amount that justifies the cost of a transaction in the Bitcoin network. Well, no! The game comes with integrated withdrawals via Lightning network.

There are competitions or special days when bitcoin rewards are increased. The game’s official Twitter account is the place to keep up to date on these events.



LightNite is a classic role-playing and battle game, but it has a great visual similarity to Fortnite. The big difference is that here you have rewards in Bitcoin!

By playing Lightine you can earn bitcoin instantly while killing opponents and you can also get skins for your player or sell them on the marketplace. This is where the blockchain world works its magic and also differs from Fortnite. These skins are NFTs (non fungible tokens) that have commercial value.

There are different game modes and in some you will adventure alone, while in others you will have to battle against other real players.


Lighnite is considered the “Fortnite” crypto and allows you to earn BTC in small amounts.

7 other video games to earn cryptocurrencies

Although we will review the “pre-conditions” to enter each of the games described below, it is necessary to know that since there is a need to make an investment to enter them, one of the risks we have to assume is the possibility of not being able to recover that initial investment.

For this not to happen to us, we depend on multiple factors, some of them out of our control, such as the moment we start playing the game or the price of the cryptocurrency we obtain. What does depend on us is to have a plan.

As with any investment, the strategies for recovering an initial outlay are as important as the research to be carried out beforehand.

That said, let’s see what the most popular crypto games of the moment are all about.

Axie Infinity

Perhaps this game needs no introduction, but I am compelled to make one. It is the most popular Play to Earn game of the year 2021, but it is still making waves today. With an aesthetic and logic inspired by Pokemon, we find small and cute “monsters” that are involved in adventures and battles.

These characters, represented by NFTs, can acquire exorbitant values, according to their rarity, level obtained throughout the game and characteristics. On the other hand, their acquisition cost to enter the game is high.

It is necessary to have a team of three “axies” to be part of the game. These can be acquired directly or “breedearse”, crossing two “axies” that give birth to a new one.

For those who are unable to raise the necessary capital to create their team, there are various organizers or recruiters around the world whose activity is known as “scholarships”. This is a great opportunity for those who have the time and desire to play “Axie Infinity”, but do not have the necessary resources. An investor decides to buy the axies, awards a scholarship to a player to use them, and the total profits generated are divided.

Farmers World

The WAX blockchain is the proud “container” of this booming game, which has managed to place itself among the select group of games with the highest monthly transaction volume.

Here users will put on their farmer’s suit to acquire land and develop their own mining, agriculture or livestock farms on it. They will also be able to extract, from their own land, materials that are extremely important to trade and generate rewards. Precious materials, wood and food are examples in this regard.

As you can imagine, to be part of the game, an initial investment is necessary to acquire the land to set up these interesting farms.

Bomb Crypto

Here we feel represented those of us of a certain age. Bomb Crypto resembles the famous video game called “Bomberman”. A cute character, moving through a minefield avoiding, precisely, running into a bomb.

The crypto world has given the creators of Bomb Crypto the idea that as we go through the scenarios, we will encounter NFTs that we will be able to monetize.

In addition to this way of playing, there is the possibility of battles in the classic “arenas” of the style. In this mode, both players must bet their tokens and the winner will keep the spoils.

ICE Poker

Within the most famous metaverse of the crypto ecosystem, Decentraland, we have one of the P2E games that steals all eyes today. ICE Poker, is on “the crest of its own wave”. The earnings of its users are rising to amazing levels nowadays and the desire to join is growing day by day.

Its users can sit at these metaverse tables and participate in poker games or tournaments to win ICE tokens. The point is that to enter the game, it is necessary, beyond creating a free avatar on Decentraland, to have the delegation of an NFT, which is the key to enter this world. For that, it is necessary to get information about the minting events on ICE Poker’s social networks.

Alien Worlds

The remarkable thing about this option is that, unlike most of the examples in this section, it is a free game with no initial investment required. Now, this feature is closely related to its rewards, which obviously won’t be huge. The game is about mining the proprietary cryptocurrency, TLM, in a semi-automated fashion. Players will start with a “basic shovel” that can be upgraded by acquiring a better one. There is also the possibility of finding NFTs with these blades. The chances are low, but if you come across one, the reward will be juicy.


EarnBet is a fully decentralized casino, powered by blockchain technology, which uses various cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange. It is deployed on the WAX network and allows its users to participate in different gambling games by betting on them cryptocurrencies. You can play darts, blackjack, baccarat, crash, hilo, jackpot, etc.

BET is the native token and engine of this platform, since it acts as the exchange currency within the platform. It is the one in which bets are placed and dividends are received. Perhaps the most interesting gain of Earnbet lies in its concept of decentralization, as the casino’s revenues are divided among all BET token holders.

Deviant Factions

The last game in this section is one of the promises of the year 2022. Developed on the Terra network, with a graphical bet worked with great care, this card game is attracting the attention of the booming gamer world that gathers this blockchain.

Months ago, the team released the “Deviant Booster Packs”. Those who got them got a deck of 8 cards, representing 8 characters to use in the game. In the next few days, the big event is expected in which these decks will be opened and their holders will finally know their cards.

With a captivating narrative, the game participants will have to choose a faction and defend it to the last consequences. Its creators, experts in the gaming world, took into account every single detail regarding the design and experience of the game and, undoubtedly, they will deliver an exceptional product.

We will have the possibility to engage in battles in which our characters, cards represented as NFTs, will fight to the death to defend the faction we have chosen. The rewards will be distributed even to the losers of these battles, in the token of the game, DEV.

An extremely important detail is that, from the official “marketplace”, the decks will always be quoted in 200 UST, Terra’s stable coin, forever, which will help to provide predictability when planning an entry to the game.

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Final reflection

Fun is essential, in a world that demands more of ourselves every day. Clearing our minds of the daily vicissitudes is extremely healthy.

Of course, earning cryptocurrencies in the way of our fun, can generate a plus. But it is important not to lose the focus that brings us to these applications: fun and entertainment.

Every human being must be responsible with himself. It is important to know the limits of what is healthy for us and always, but always, research before investing.

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