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One of the most interesting aspects of video games is the freedom given to the player.

Certainly, games like Minecraft, Roblox or Grand Theft Auto have succeeded precisely because players are allowed to explore the entire map and do whatever they want, regardless of the main story.

Thus, more than a game, it becomes a second reality. Of course, this world can be altered by your actions and your creativity to build new places. Precisely, it is the union of everything that makes open world games innovative.

As a consequence, the blockchain gaming universe could not be left without a game of this type and this is how Sandbox, an open world NFT game, was born.

Let’s see what it’s all about!

What is The Sandbox?

It is a virtual open world, based on the Ethereum blockchain, that allows its users to build, play, own and monetize their virtual gaming experiences and ideas.

It was created by the American video game development company, Pixowl, in 2018, starting from the idea of two video games with the same name that they designed years before: The Sandbox (2011) and The Sandbox Evolution. 

Interestingly, both games were successful and together generated 40 million downloads on iOS and Android gaming platforms. In consideration of the above, its creators decided to take the metaverse of The Sandbox to another level: blockchain technology.

Later that year, it was bought by Animoca, a Chinese software project ready to distribute and increase the recognition of the game.

¿Qué es The Sandbox? El minecraft play to earn de ETH

How does it work?

LAND and monetization

To play, you must buy LANDs. LANDS are a portion of the game’s virtual lands on which you can create games and other non fungible tokens (NFT).

Once you do this, the way you can earn money and value the land you bought is through your activity. To do this, the platform gives you two opportunities:

  • Create and sell NFTs in their marketplace, making use of the “Vox Edit” tool. In it, you can model in 3D whatever you want, such as a dinosaur, to turn it into NFT assets.
  • Design and monetize games using its Game Maker tool. The best thing is that, to create them, you don’t need to know coding.

As a reward for the above, you can have SAND.

Its complementary tokens: GEM and Catalyst

Both GEM and Catalyst are ERC-20 tokens that provide information about the NFTs that have been created:

  • In the case of GEM, it defines the attributes or main statistics of the NFT such as its power, defense, speed, magic and luck.
  • Regarding Catalyst or catalysts, they establish the level of exclusivity of the NFT. If it is common, it can have 20000 copies, if it is rare 4000, if it is epic 1500 and if it is legendary, 200.

Both tokens are acquired at the time of uploading an NFT to The Sandbox platform.

¿Qué es The Sandbox? El minecraft play to earn de ETH

Its utility token: SAND

Sand is the native token of The Sandbox, which is used throughout the game ecosystem for transactions. It is an ERC-20 type token built on the Ethereum blockchain that has three different uses such as: 

  • Medium of exchange: You will need SAND either to upload your NFTs to the marketplace, buy GEM and Catalyst to provide attribute information, purchase LAND and other NFTs or to play, buy equipment and customize characters.
  • Governance: Allows SAND holders to participate in the decisions that will guide the future of the game.
  • Staking: You can bet SAND tokens to earn rewards, as well as GEM and catalyst to create NFT.

Certainly, everyone can earn something while interacting with other people through purchases and sales in the game’s marketplace or by playing the games developed by the users themselves.

Glad to see you made it this far!

I know it has been an information-packed article, but we hope it has been very useful to understand a little more about how this great blockchain game works.

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