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Cryptocurrency mining is one of the most popular phenomena of recent times, due to the incentives and benefits that people can collect by participating in it.

However, the process of mining BitcoinEthereum or other cryptocurrencies requires high energy consumption and increasingly specialized and powerful hardware, making it unsustainable for anyone.

In this way, our illusions of being part of crypto mining vanish. However, at some point, we may have felt hopeful at the thought of being able to mine quietly from our cell phone. 

But, on the contrary, when considering the amount of processing power needed, hopes become minimal.

Moreover, because of Google’s latest policy, which is effective from January 20, 2021 and follows the steps already taken by Apple on this issue, the possibilities are further reduced.

In it, they prohibit Play Store apps that mine cryptocurrencies, although they clarify that they allow apps that manage mining remotely.

Therefore, several alternatives have emerged that seek to address these difficulties and, at the same time, to continue contributing to and encouraging community participation in the cryptocurrency processes in order to maintain decentralization.

Are you ready for what’s coming? Because today we will talk about Scala, a project that gives us a very prosperous outlook, where our dream of earning money and mining cryptocurrencies through our cell phones, can become a reality.

What is Scala?

Scala (XLA) is a project recognized for its eponymous open source cryptocurrency and for its interesting proposal that innovates in the world of crypto mining.

Previously, the name of the project was Torque (XTC) and Stellite (XTL). However, due to internal controversies with the brand name, it was changed to Scala, taking into account certain objectives:

  • Possess a unique name in the cryptographic universe.
  • Reflect the group’s project and vision.
  • Be simple, but interesting to leave room for the imagination.

Through its Scala Mobile Miner v2.0, both you and I, by just having an android cell phone or a computer without exuberant features, can mine Scala crypto (XLA) on our devices in a secure, distributed and unmediated way through the blockchain that is stored in a P2P and anonymous network.

Scala, mina criptomonedas con tu móvil Bitnovo

Wait, this is very interesting, but is mobile mining really possible?

The mobile mining scenario in recent years has been filled with several initiatives that have made it more than just a dream, but a viable reality for everyone. 

Thus, some projects use consensus protocols that reward miners, but do not require as much computing power. Others make use of resilient algorithms for a GPU (the heart and brain of a graphics card) or an ASIC (an integrated circuit that is uniquely designed for a specific application or device).

Consequently, it is possible and there are already different applications that allow cryptocurrencies to be mined on cell phones.

However, they have lacked one thing in particular and that is to create a completely mobile-centric environment that avoids hardware overheating or minor memory requirements. 

Therefore, they are designed with a CPU first and foremost in mind, not a cell phone. For this reason, today we are talking about Scala, since it creates a special environment designed for mobiles.

Perfect, but, then, is it the same as mining Bitcoin?

The protocol used by Bitcoin and Scala, is the same PoW (Proof of Work), but remember that this has the disadvantage that we talked about at the beginning and that is that it turns mining into an unprofitable business because of the cost of the computers that we must own.

Therefore, while in both you will receive a reward, in Scala, unlike Bitcoin, you will use a DefyX algorithm that does not damage your hardware, which is called “Panthera”. Panthera or DefyX is a custom algorithm that is composed, in turn, of RandomX, Yespower and KangarooTwelve.

Wait, I think I’m going too fast. Let’s understand why the union of so many algorithms. RandomX, better called the Monero algorithm, is designed to minimize the efficiency of specialized hardware.

On the other hand, Yespower is intended to reduce GPU hardware capacity and KangarooTwelve fares well against quantum computers.

As a result, we have a PoW (Proof of Work, yes, the same as Bitcoin) algorithm that is compatible with CPU and ARM architecture (also called Advanced RISC Machine, these are processors that, by design, reduce costs, heat and power, making it ideal for battery-powered devices such as tablets or mobiles).

In addition, it makes use of the AMAYC protocol (an As-Much-As-You-Can machine learning algorithm) which ensures that the mining device always remains in safe operating condition. 

Therefore, AMAYC detects if the device is heating up and stops the mining process to return when it is safe to do so.

Scala, mina criptomonedas con tu móvil Bitnovo

How does it work?

First of all, to get Scala Mobile Miner Software, you must download it as an APK and install it manually, as it is not available in the Google Play store.

At the beginning, you will find a warning message indicating how it would affect the battery and CPU.

Then, you can configure how you want to use the app, taking into account the specifications of your cell phone, so you should comment what temperatures you consider safe, how many cores you are going to use, among others.

Finally, you choose a mining group and the magic begins. You leave it running in the background while you watch a video on youtube or read an e-book.

After that, when you check again, you will find out what it may have mined.

Clearly, it is not on a large scale like mining other cryptos, but it is an interesting option to try, since it works well, it is usable for your device, its performance is good and it maintains security. 

Additionally, it is easy to use and has an attractive graphical interface that makes everything more understandable and allows you to visualize, more quickly, how many hashes have been produced per second.

What did you think of this novel proposal? Are you ready to download Scala to your cell phone or computer?

If the answer is yes, we first recommend you to learn a little more about other concepts that are related to Scala.

Therefore, you can learn more about it with the articles we have suggested for you from the beautiful Bitnovo community.

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For the time being, see you in another article.

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