What is My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)? Quick guide

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Play to earn video games and NFTs have completely captured the blockchain scene. Thanks to the existence of games like Axie Infinity, Plants vs Undead, Gods Unchained, among others; more and more people are interested in cryptos.

Consequently, these types of games are in great demand, which helps people to fulfill their desire to win money by playing.

However, this is not all, since if the community grows, the chances that the profitability of the game will be positive increase. 

In this way, more and more blockchains and projects are emerging, increasing the market offer for all types of players.

Certainly, it is a space that seeks to accommodate everyone, from people who like sports to creative people who want to build their own land.

As part of the last category, there is an interesting game: My Neighbor Alice, which has a lot of dynamics that will remind you of the famous Animal Crossing. Want to see what it’s all about? Let’s go!

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer building game that combines two interesting aspects: a fun narrative and an ecosystem for collecting and exchanging NFTs.

Por este motivo, si eres un jugador casual y sólo quieres disfrutar de la dinámica del juego, puedes conocer personas, decorar tu terreno y personalizar tu personaje.

For this reason, if you are a casual player and just want to enjoy the dynamics of the game, you can meet people, decorate your terrain and customize your character.

It was created by Antler Interactive, a game studio pioneering virtual reality and augmented reality games on blockchain technology.

Currently, the first buyers of their ALICE tokens, are testing this game through Steam since January 2021. The full game is expected to be available by 2022 on its official website and on traditional gaming platforms such as Steam.

¿Qué es My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)? Guía rápida

How does it work?

There are a number of features that are designed to give you the best gaming experience.

Among them, the game’s virtual marketplace. However, before we get into this topic, let’s see what things you can do inside My Neighbor Alice.


Its components and characteristics

Within MNA we can find four different ones:


Avatars are your in-game characters, which you can customize to be as similar to you as possible.

To do this, you can purchase digital assets from the game (such as clothing or other cosmetic items) and modify them until your virtual representation is perfect.

Of course, through your avatars, you will be able to interact with other people and expand your network of Alice’s friends.

Virtual Islands

As in other games such as Ember SwordDecentralandCryptovoxels, Sandbox, among others; you can buy plots where you can build your own farm or home. 

These parcels represent a portion of land on the game map that is exclusively owned by you and is represented in the form of NFT tokens.

Also, to make your island unique, you can implement digital assets such as houses, lakes, animals, plants and other things that you can purchase from the in-game market.

Gaming assets

As mentioned in avatars and virtual islands, the game assets are different items that serve to customize your avatar or your island.

To do this, you must first purchase them in the game store and then install them so that you can interact with them within the game.

Among them, you can find: houses, vegetables, decorations, accessories, animals, houses, lakes and much more.

Token: ALICE

“ALICE” is the game’s native token, which allows you to:

    • Be part of the game.
    • Buy and sell assets, islands and cosmetics for your avatars.
    • Participate in the game’s community council. This corresponds to Alice’s decentralized governance process that allows you to have a say in the use of revenues and the development and growth of the game.

It should be clarified that, in order to carry out this role, the game will be based on a reputation system that observes whether you are a good owner with increasing profits.

    • Earn rewards by being used in yield farming methods. Basically, this means that if you bet and create liquidity in pools, you can earn tokens as an incentive.

Likewise, the token also works to earn retribution if you participate in different in-game events such as competitions. On the other hand, it is also useful to earn profit by renting your islands to other players or when selling/reselling properties.

¿Qué es My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)? Guía rápida

What about the NFT market?

After talking about everything you can get as an add-on for the game (since My Neighbor Alice is free) and the native token, let’s focus on its marketplace.

Clearly, within the game, you will find a section called “market” in which you will be able to perform a large number of transactions ranging from buying assets to bartering money in exchange for NFTs such as islands. 

In this sense, it is the site where you manage all the materials you own and manage their purchase or sale.

Likewise, within what is known, this part also includes the opportunity to create assets so that other people can use them in their characters or their islands.

Therefore, it is a space where your creativity can generate income, starting from prices that you consider fair for everything you have designed.

Following this point, there is also the part of yield farming and rewards for the players, so that they actively participate in the construction of Alice.

We hope you found this brief tour through Alice’s world useful!

To be honest with you, in the world of play to earn and NFT video games, we have a lot to say, much more than we can convey to you in a single article.

So, to keep you up to date with the latest news in the blockchain gaming ecosystem, we invite you to check out our blog.

There you will find all the information you are looking for and much more on a weekly basis.

For the time being, see you in a future article.

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