What are cryptocurrency cards?

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The number of crypto users is increasing steadily. That is why many companies come up with tools that make it easier for users to use cryptocurrencies. One of these tools are crypto cards and in this article we will tell you all about what they are and how they work.

As we all know, many users use cryptocurrencies in order to multiply their capital. However, another part of users use cryptocurrencies to make money and value transfers, taking into account that one of the differential characteristics of cryptocurrencies is sending value from anywhere in the world with fewer restrictions.

When the first cryptocurrency in history (Bitcoin) was created, the goal was to develop a global payment system. Crypto cards are a fast track to achieve this goal.


Why use a crypto card?

The main reason why the use of crypto cards is a very good advantage in our day to day life, is that we will have the ability to use cryptocurrencies in the daily payment, which, without these cards, is more laborious because we must do it through bank transfers.

A few years ago using cryptocurrencies for everyday payments was really difficult unless the seller accepted payment in cryptocurrencies. Even if we were to find a seller who accepted payment in cryptocurrencies, some transactions could take up to 30 minutes to be confirmed, so it was not very practical. It may be that by the time payment arrives the price has changed due to volatility and we pay more or less for the value of the asset.

A crypto card solves this problem, as it converts your sent cryptocurrencies to euros so you can seamlessly shop at thousands of stores around the world, without the need for them to accept cryptocurrencies.

Even, in some cases, companies that offer crypto card services also have offers on certain subscriptions or gift cards. The Bitsa card, for example, offers discounts on Spotify Premium, Sony, Twitch and Nintendo among others. These discounts make us, as users, opt for these types of cards instead of regular credit cards.


What is Bitsa Card?

Bitsa is an entity that offers several financial products in the Euro Zone or also known as SEPA zone. Bitsa stands out for the use and management of electronic money and is not linked to any bank. The services of this entity are offered through Visa cards. Among the main advantages of this card is the possibility of recharging it, either by bank transfer, cash (through coupons) or with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more. In addition, from the Bitsa app, we can manage all our assets easily and securely.

The process of obtaining this card is very simple, since we only have to register in the application and request it. Bitsa offers two types of cards; physical and virtual (totally free). The physical card is ideal for day-to-day purchases, although it can also be used for online purchases. Once the card is requested, it will be sent to our home address. The delivery time will depend on the option we choose. On the other hand, the virtual card only allows us to buy and operate on the internet, unless we associate it with our smartphone, which will allow us to pay in physical stores. We can request this card from the application easily and completely free of charge. All the operations we perform with the cards can be managed from the Bitsa application on our mobile device.

There is also a version for teenagers (between 16 and 17 years old) called Bitsa Young, so that they too can enjoy financial freedom and independence without having to open a bank account.


Virtual Bitsa to pay from your mobile or smartwatch (totally free)
Physical Bitsa (identical to the one in the photo below)
Bitsa Young (for minors between 16 and 17 years of age)




What can I do with a Bitsa Card?

The services offered by this card are not few. With it we can make secure purchases on the Internet, we can pay with the physical card in stores, restaurants and other establishments, we can also make free transfers within the Euro Zone or SEPA. We can also make cash withdrawals at any ATM that accepts Visa cards. We will be able to make transfers between cards and between users instantly. But the most important thing is that it is a reloadable card with cryptocurrencies. We will be able to make a very simple recharge from any wallet with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bat, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Tether and many more and, automatically, we will have euros to spend in thousands of stores around the world.


How to apply for a Bitsa Card?

Obtaining the Bitsa card is quite simple since we only have to register (it is a requirement to have an address in the Euro Zone). This step can be done from the Bitsa App. To register we only need our name, email and telephone number. Once we have registered we only have to request our card. To do this we must choose what type of card you want, either the physical card, the virtual card or the Bitsa Young.

Finally, we must go through a KYC process and verify our identity. This will be done through an email with a verification code that we will receive. With the application we can perform a photographic verification. To do this we must take a photo of our ID on both sides and a selfie. Once these steps have been completed, we will be able to proceed to use our enabled card. If we have requested a physical card, we will receive it by mail in a few days at home.




Recharge with Crypto

Recharging with crypto is one of the easiest steps. We only have to select the card we want to recharge from the app and choose the option “recharge with cryptocurrencies“. Then, we select the cryptocurrency we want to use for the recharge and the amount to recharge. The application will provide us with an address where we must send the cryptocurrencies and the exact amount. We only need to go to the wallet from where we want to make the transaction, insert the data and send the indicated funds. After a few minutes we will be able to enjoy our cryptocurrencies in the form of FIAT money and use them for our daily payments.

The process is very simple and is ideal for those who need to use both euros and cryptocurrencies and do not want to have to open a bank account to do so. Bitsa is one of our favorite crypto cards as it is aligned with our vision of providing as many users as possible with financial freedom and independence.

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