What is Brave Payments? Earn BAT tokens by sailing!

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Having arrived at the current stage of evolution of mankind has not led to few transcendental agreements, but for the phrase “time is our most precious resource”, there are few arguments that effectively contradict it. Brave Payments and its token, BAT, are trying to ensure that the unstoppable course of time has its crypto-economic reward.

Between the end of the last century and the first decade of the current one, we witnessed and participated in the “browser war” to take over our daily activity. This battle is not over and the arguments to attract us have advanced to unthinkable levels.

Brave is a browser that uses the engine known as “Chromium” born from the hand of Google Chrome, which adapted its own features to the purposes it pursues.

If you want to know what Brave payments and its BAT token are, let’s get to it!

Brave payments and BAT: a successful formula

Brave Payments is a program, included by default in the Brave browser, to which we can subscribe or not. If we do so, we will be rewarded in BAT tokens (Basic Attention Token), for the attention we give to Brave’s private ads.

When we surf the Internet, we are prey to the constant bombardment of advertisements and we need different tools to protect us from their constant appearance.

Thanks to this project, we have the possibility of enabling or disabling the ads, in order to obtain an adequate experience according to our expectations.

Those who wish to stay away from the advertising world, will be able to deactivate the ads and their adventure on the web will gain in fluidity and speed. Those who do not, will consume the advertising content but will be rewarded with BAT tokens in return.

It is possible that our readers have come into contact with or are aware of similar projects, whether they offer a reward for our attention or different tools to protect us from constant advertising spam. From my point of view, the interesting thing about Brave is that it is an innate feature of the browser itself.

But, before we move on with the project, let’s understand what we are talking about when we talk about “Brave browser” or “the Brave browser”.

What is Brave browser?

Brave is an open source web browser that competes with industry giants such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Edge, from the computer giant Microsoft.

It was launched in 2016 and behind its creation is the company Brave Software, founded by the co-founder of the Mozilla Project and creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich.

To make its space in this competitive market, Brave sustains its advantages on 4 major and important pillars:

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Privacy
  • Rewards

Let’s see what benefits it provides in relation to each of these aspects and how it achieves its uniqueness that makes it stand out among its peers.


This browser was designed to be of vital help in the field of security. I can start by highlighting that it only automatically enters pages that support the HTTPS protocol and if not, prior to entering it will alert us of this situation, so that we can decide whether to enter or not.

Brave is equipped with “shields” that constantly provide us with information about what is being blocked on the web where we are and also what is being allowed. From there, each user will be able to establish the basic configurations that allow them to protect themselves against the tracking or tracing of online information or blocking cookies, among others.

Also, as I said, Brave is capable of blocking ads. If you’re wondering “what does this have to do with my on-line security?”, well, ads are often the perfect vehicle for hiding “malware” or, in earthly words, a virus.

Finally, in this regard, the browser has a system of regular updates. With a periodicity of about three to four weeks, these updates protect us against new threats. The Brave team does not rest.


Those who choose speed when selecting the browser with which their Internet activity will be carried out, even at the expense of security, will be pleasantly surprised.

We can say that Brave is not only a fast browser, but according to simulations and user experience, it has come to be considered the fastest of all. From its official website, they estimate that its desktop version (or PC), reaches higher performance speeds than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. While its mobile version has nothing to envy to these giants of the industry.


The features discussed in the security section are closely related to this point. The shields protect us against third party cookies and data trackers on the web. By means of these tools, we achieve an experience that gains in privacy and we protect our data in a reliable way.

Note that Brave browser also has its own data collection services. But, unlike most of its competitors, they are disabled by default. Services such as search prediction and web page loading rely on our browsing data to deliver the results we expect.


This is the subject that has brought us this far, so I will dedicate the next section to it, so that we can understand them in detail.

¿Qué es Brave payments y BAT?

How does Brave Payments work?

Let’s understand how Brave Payments works and how we can benefit and earn money in the online advertising world.

Earn BAT with Brave ads

Just as we can block ads, thanks to the innumerable tools that this browser has, we also have the opposite possibility, to activate them.

Activating Brave’s private ads will bring us earnings in the form of BAT, the platform’s token. If you are wondering how this works, it is very simple:

1- Click on the triangle that serves as the logo of this browser and go to settings.

2- Activate the display of private ads and configure their frequency.

3- Done! You are now welcome to the world of private advertising in exchange for a reward.

There are also different special plans, such as for example for new users, who will receive the equivalent of $5 in BAT tokens if they use this browser for 30 days.

The features described in the first part of this article, would be enough to achieve a large number of users, no doubt. In any case, this type of benefit is still a great “hook” of users who enter to get some BAT and end up tied forever to Brave, due to the excellent experience it provides as a browser.

Earn BAT as a content creator

If you are on this side of the web, contributing to the world through the creation and dissemination of content, Brave has thought of this extremely important player in the ecosystem. The Brave Payments system allows these users to receive contributions, known here as “tips”, to finance their activity and continue contributing material to the web.

As a content consumer user, you can give back a little of what you receive in this way, delegating your BAT as a tip to whoever you consider.

When you register with Brave Payments as a content creator, you must provide the platforms on which you perform this task. Brave will activate the possibility of receiving “tips” in the form of BAT.

From the consumer side of this material, you have 2 options. Make donations or give tips. Donations can be made manually directly on the page of who consumes that content and tips can be configured as automatic, with different periodicity so that they go directly to the wallets of those you select.

How to collect your rewards in Brave?

In order to obtain your rewards, you will need to create and link a crypto wallet with your account in this browser. At the beginning, we only had the option of making this link through the Uphold wallet. Today the options are varied, including a wallet created by the founders of the project.

Once the previous steps have been taken, once a month, the Brave Rewards team has developed the necessary tools to receive the corresponding amount of BAT directly in your wallet. Entering the configuration section where you can activate or deactivate the advertising option, you will be able to know which is your rewards day.

It goes without saying that, once you have the BATs in your wallet, you are free to do with them whatever you want. If you collect a good amount you could try to extract some extra benefits in the DeFi world, simply “loiter” them waiting for a growth in their price or use them to compensate your favorite content creators.

This kind of decisions, as we always warn, must be taken after a deep personal research, which allows us to base our actions with as many arguments as possible.

¿Qué es Brave payments y BAT?

Analyzing BAT

Its full name is “Basic Attention Token”, and its ticker is BAT. It is a token that was created under the ERC-20 standard. Its purpose, or reason for its birth, is to be integrated into the Brave browser and become the support column while building an online advertising system focused on users and their privacy.

Beyond this function, there is life for BAT beyond being the Brave browser reward token. Different Ethereum network protocols have integrated it with interesting uses. We can use it as collateral for loans on different platforms and we can even issue a stablecoin as a DAI, using BAT as collateral.

If you don’t have time or desire to wait to earn BAT with Brave, but you trust in the future of this project, you can simply buy BAT on Bitnovo.

Final thoughts

The Internet advertising market has opened the possibility of significant waves of investors that have allowed this ecosystem to scale, seeming, at times, to find no limit.

We know that the “ethos” of the crypto ecosystem has been focused from the beginning on trying to create a value network that is owned by users.

The Brave Payments project is aligned with those principles that gave birth to the crypto ecosystem. That the user is able to decide whether to watch advertising is not new, but the fact of being rewarded for choosing to do so is an interesting idea.

Its philanthropic background, accompanied by robust innate features, seems to give Brave Browser a privileged place in the world of browsers. It only remains to wait and see if the probabilities of success perpetrate our reality.

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