More than 3,000 Spanish events will accept cryptocurrencies with Bitnovo Pay!

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The future of cryptocurrencies is built by all of us, every day. That is why, although the bear market is here, we continue to develop solutions to facilitate the use of crypto and democratize access to this wonderful economic and financial revolution.

Today we are pleased to announce that more than 3,000 Spanish events will incorporate Bitcoin and the main cryptocurrencies as a payment currency during 2022, thanks to a partnership with Enterticket. What would have been unimaginable a few years ago is now possible thanks to Bitnovo Pay, our cryptocurrency payment gateway that easily integrates into any website or online store and allows customers to pay with cryptocurrencies in just a few clicks.

This is the first alliance of such magnitude in the world of artistic events where, until now, cryptocurrencies had only been accepted in a few events in a punctual way. This reflects Spain’s exponential growth in crypto, standing out above many countries in Europe.


What is Bitnovo Pay?

Bitnovo Pay is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that integrates into the website of any online store and allows it to accept payments from its customers in Bitcoin and the main cryptos. The customer pays with crypto and we automatically transform those cryptos to euros so that the store can avoid volatility problems.

According to our founder, Marcos Muñoz: “Many merchants are aware of the advantages of cryptocurrencies, but prefer to protect themselves from their volatility. From Bitnovo Pay we understood that need and that is why our system allows them to receive payments in euros”.

This is how Bitnovo Pay works:

1- The customer makes the payment on the store’s website and sends the cryptocurrencies.

2- Bitnovo converts cryptocurrency payments to euros.

3- The money is instantly available to the business.

With Bitnovo Pay you can expand your market and access global customers, save on commissions and get ahead of the future!




Why have we partnered with Enterticket?

Enterticket is an amazing company with a worldwide customer market. It leads the ticketing market and has come to sell more than 5 million tickets a year for different musical shows, especially for young audiences. Thanks to this alliance, all these users will be able to access a new payment method and will know first-hand the benefits that cryptocurrencies have to offer.

In the words of Joaquín Costa, its founder: “Allowing attendees to pay with cryptocurrencies is essential for a pleasant user experience. Cryptocurrencies are the order of the day and it is one more way to get closer to the interests of the public”.

The integration of Bitnovo Pay into Enterticket allows millions of people around the world to have access to a universal payment method to purchase their tickets, avoiding the barriers imposed by traditional plastic cards and local currencies.

For example, NFT Show Europe, one of the pioneer events and main European meeting point for digital art, NFT artists, collectors and blockchain experts, already allows you to buy your ticket with crypto thanks to Bitnovo Pay and Enterticket.




2022 continues to be a year of significant growth for us and, to the announcement of the 100 new crypto ATMs in Spain or the historic presence in San Fermin, we add this great alliance with Enterticket and more than 3,000 events that will accept cryptocurrencies. And there is still almost half a year to go!

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