Bitnovo and cryptocurrencies come to San Fermin! Win NFTs, crypto coupons and many more prizes.

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Finally the day has come to launch our new campaign “Que no te pille el toro sin tu cripto” in Sanfermines and we are very happy to be present in Pamplona! Not only because of the great work of our team, but also because being in one of the most important festivities in Spain means to continue promoting the adoption and democratization of cryptocurrencies in Spain and Europe.

But let’s get to the most important thing…


What does the campaign consist of?

We have flooded the streets of Pamplona, the balconies, the running of the bulls, the bus shelters and hundreds of posters throughout the city with QR codes that will allow those who scan them to access a fun virtual crypto roulette. By spinning that roulette, participants will be able to win amazing prizes such as NFTs, coupons redeemable for cryptocurrencies and many more gifts. over 5,000 euros in prizes!


How can you participate if you are not in Pamplona?

Users who are not present at San Fermin can also win prizes by accessing Bitnovo’s crypto roulette from here.


What prizes can you win?

Bitnovo coupons redeemable for cryptocurrencies:

  • 50 Coupons of 20€
  • 4 Coupons of 250€
  • 10 Coupons of 100€

Bitsa cards:

  • 800 Visa cards reloadable with cryptocurrencies to shop at thousands of stores worldwide.


  • Crypto Bull Society Collection
  • BullsOnTheBlock Collection

Both on the Ethereum network and, obviously, related to bulls.


This year, and after several years without being able to celebrate one of the most important festivities in Spain, San Fermin, will not only have chupinazo, fiesta and running of the bulls, but will also have the presence of a movement that every day is gaining ground in the lives of Spaniards: cryptocurrencies

This is the first time that a company from the crypto ecosystem will be present at a festival with the popularity of San Fermin, which is a big step for the dissemination of cryptocurrencies in Spain and we are very proud of it!

In these Sanfermines…¡que no te pille el toro sin tu cripto!

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