Gold backed cryptocurrency list

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Not all stablecoins are created equal. And with the growing creation of stablecoins day by day there are more. Some of the stablecoins are:

Thether (USDT)

Where a token equals the price of 1 USD, it is also well known for its security.


Besides gold you can buy silver, platinum and Palladium coins. In it you can collect any amount of precious metals in a single wallet.

DRCG coin

The proceeds from this currency are used for operations and cover costs of gold mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Those who buy or use the DRC Gold Coin will be rewarded with gold or a choice of another reward.

Golden Currency (PGCT)

Gold currency in its future plans wants to be the first global private currency on blockchain, both in paper and electronic format will be backed by gold.

Guardian Gold

Guardian Gold is a currency that is backed with gold based on blockchain technology. Each coin is backed with one gram of gold. Guardian Gold token holders can transfer them to whoever they want in 15 seconds. This token has a peculiarity that those who have tokens will have a 15% profit each time a new token is purchased.

Troy Gold

Troy Gold, provides the opportunity to purchase Troy Gold products using blockchain. The mined gold is used to create the products that Troy’s Gold distributes.

Anthem Gold

Anthem Gold is a cryptocurrency that is backed by grams of gold.

This type of crypto is secured in a vault with a non-bank operator and is totally secure



AurusGOLD is backed 100% in gold, each token is fully guaranteed with 1 gram of gold. This currency can be exchanged at any time for gold. They have a fee of 0.015% or 0.05 AWG on each transaction.

A guide to gold-backed cryptocurrency

As any altcoin is not normally listed in the most common markets like bitcoin or Ethereum, some may be found in those markets.

but they will be the most popular and those that are not so popular you can find them on their web pages where They will explain how you can get them and where you can spend or exchange them.

Most cryptos that are backed by gold you can buy them in the best known cryptos that are bitcoin and Ethereum, when you do not buy them directly in a market and purchases on their official websites they will give you instructions for your purchase in which You must transfer the funds, to receive the gold token.

There is also an alternative to trade gold with cryptos and you will not have to invest in cryptos that you do not know you just have to buy bitcoins and then go to Vaultoro. This is a gold storage service that allows you to buy and sell gold with bitcoins. This gold is 100% your property

A brief history of digital gold currency

The first gold backed cryptocurrency in the world was the E-Gold that was born in 1995, with the passing of time it was the victim of the lack of familiarity of its founders with the risks of online fraud. In the end the company failed because it could not get a license to operate as a money transmitter. Others have failed because of money laundering, embezzlement, or being too conspicuous to online identity thieves and other computer thieves.

Because gold-backed cryptocurrencies are considered to be the most stable, this is because unlike fiat money that can be created indefinitely to create high inflation, gold cannot be created out of thin air as there are very limited supplies. known to restrict this.

Gold is universally known and accepted, it can be easily traded no matter where you are in the world, an ounce of gold is the same here as in other countries and therefore will cost the same.

Gold-backed cryptocurrencies are a more stable type of cryptos than normal cryptos, since they have a symbolic price linked to the current price of gold and are known as stablecoin.

gold backed cryptocurrency Bitnovo

Gold-backed cryptocurrency directory


Name: ANTHEM (AGLD). Location: USA. Website:

Name: AurusGOLD (AWG). Location: Cardiff. UK. Website:


Name: BlockNote (BNO). Location: Tallinn, Estonia. Website:

Name: BlockStock (BSO). Location: Tallinn, Estonia. Website:


Name: CACHE. Location: Singapore. Website:

Name: Cash Telx (CTLX). Location: Gibraltar.


Name: DGLD (DGLD). Location: Switzerland. Website:

Name: Digital Gold (GOLD). Location: Grenadines. Website:

Name: DigixGlobal (DGX AND DGD). Location: Singapore. Website:

Name: DinarCoin (DNC). Location: Malaysia. Website:


Name: Ekon (EKG). Location: Switzerland. Website:


Name: G-Coin (XGC). Location: Santa Clara CA, USA. Website:

Name: Globcoin (GLX). Location: Zug, Switzerland. Website:

Name: GNTO. Location: Chiasso, Switzerland. Website:

Name: GoldFinX (GiX). Location: Singapore. Website:

Name: GOLDFUND (GFUN). Location: Australia. Website:

Name: GoldMint (MNTP). Location: Moscow, Russia. Website:

Name: Gold Standard (AUS). Location: Australia. Website:

Name: Gold (GOLDX). Location: Gibraltar. Website:

Name: GramGold Coin (GGC). Location: unknown. Website:

Name: GSX coin (GSX). Location: unknown. Website:


Name: HelloGold (HGT). Location: Malaysia. Website:


Name: Jinbi (JNB). Location: London, U.K. Website:


Name: Kinesis (KAU). Location: Cayman Islands. Website:


Name: Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR). Location: U.K. Website:


Name: Novem (NNN). Location: Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Website:


Name: OneGram Coin (OGC). Location: Dubai. Website:

Name: OZEETY (OZTG). Location: London, UK. Website:


Name: PAX Gold (PAXG). Location: New York, USA. Website:

Name: Pecunio (PGX). Location: Dubai, United Arab. Website:

Name: Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT). Location: Australia. Website:

Name: PureGold (PGT and PGG). Location: Singapore. Website:


Name: Tether Gold (XAUt). Location: unknown. Website:

Name: The Midas Touch Gold (TMTG). Location: South Korea. Website:

Name: TPX Gold (TPX). Location: UK, Brimingham. Website:

Name: TrueGoldCoin (TGC). Location: Charlestown. Website:


Name: USGold (USG). Location: USA. Website:


Name: Xaurum (XAUR). Location: Slovenia, Ljublijana. Website:

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