FC Barcelona’s Fan Token

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Knowing what the FC Barcelona Fan Token ($BAR) is will allow you to understand how the new trend of official cryptos of the world’s biggest clubs works through Chiliz.

If you are also a soccer fan, as I am, you have surely been critical of the bad management or bad organizations of your favorite team. Until today there was little, we could do from our homes to change that, but thanks to the Fans Tokens history is changing.

Now Chiliz ($CHZ), leader in the blockchain and fintech industry in the sports field allows Fans Tokens holders to start making real decisions within each club.

You won’t be able to decide which player to sign next season but at least you will be able to decide how the locker room will be set up, have opportunities to meet the players or enjoy VIP benefits for Barca fans.

What is the Fan Token?

In the crypto world, the concept of crypto is often confused with that of token. It would be good for you to read this short article on what a token is to better understand the differences.

While there are many types of tokens, the vast majority of them represent assets that serve to prove that you own something or are a partner in some organization.

The value of a token (how much it is worth) is determined by its purpose and usefulness. If the token does not really have a feature that provides some value to its users, its price will most likely end up being 0.

The FC Barcelona Fan token has many utilities and is what we consider a utility token, since it provides us with access to the benefits and services that a project has launched or will launch in the future (e.g. VIP visits to Camp Nou).

At the same time, it serves as a mechanism for collecting and financing that particular project. Then everyone wins, token holders and token issuers, in what is known as token economics or tokenomics.

How does the Barcelona Fan Token work?

Now that we have cleared up some doubts about how fan tokens work, I will tell you a little more about how the Culé Team Fan Token ($BAR) works.

The Barça Fan Tokens are digital assets issued by blockchain company Chiliz, partner of FC Barcelona and can only be purchased through Chiliz.net and its voting platform Socios.com.

Fan Tokens purchased on Socios.com give users the ability to influence their teams through popular vote and are eligible for awards and recognition.

All fan tokens are created using the Chiliz blockchain and all platform votes are executed as a series of smart contracts that run through the $CHZ (Chiliz) blockchain.

Fans from Barcelona and other clubs such as Juventus, Roma, Independiente, Atlético de Madrid, etc. will have a double incentive to buy a token:

– Store value and trade on the Chiliz Exchange platform.

– Participate in the daily decisions of their own clubs.

el fan token del fc barcelona Bitnovo

Messi with a Chilliz token on his feet. Pure Magic.

What is the blaugrana fan token for?

If you want to know what Barça tokens are for, here are some of the benefits you’ll get for being a $BAR holder.

– You can be closer to the club you love, being part of the culé team from anywhere in the world.

– You will be able to use your $BAR to vote in different club polls from the Members.com app and influence the club’s decisions.

– You will be able to benefit from exclusive prizes such as watching games from a VIP box, meeting the Barcelona players or even going for tapas with them!

– You will receive personal messages from some Barça players.

– Different games will also be available soon to compete against other $BAR holders.

How can you buy $BAR?

Getting the tokens from your favorite soccer club is a simpler and faster process than you might think. Especially through Bitnovo, because it allows you to buy chili to acquire the tokens of FC Barcelona, even with cash!

If you want to know a step-by-step guide on how to do it, we have prepared an exclusive article that shows you how to buy FC Barcelona tokens.

There you will be able to know how much a token is worth, how to buy it and where to do it in a matter of minutes.

I hope you liked this article and take the opportunity to buy $BAR tokens to influence the activities of a club that promises inspired Ansu Fati and the luck to continue having Lio Messi in the team.

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