How to buy Barça Fan Tokens

Chiliz Barcelona Socios Bitnovo
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Cryptocurrencies score an astonishing goal! FC Barcelona Fan Token arrives revolutionizing the digital currency sector. If you already know what Chiliz is and how it works, it’s time for discovering how to buy Barça Fan tokens and be a top fan… a superfan!

Atlético de Madrid, Juventus, Paris Saint Germain, AS Roma or the Galatasaray are just some of the clubs that already have their own digital token that allows greater interaction with fans. And now Barça too!

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FC Barcelona fans are celebrating the news because, from now, they will be able to have a closer relationship with their club thanks to This exclusive voting platform for fans of sports clubs and esports welcomes the FC Barcelona, which will undoubtedly pave the way for many other football teams.

Chiliz (CHZ) cryptocurrency grants the right to participate in surveys about the everyday activities of the club. In return, in reward for their participation, fans win points for getting exclusive benefits and unique rewards related to the team.

How to buy Barça Fan Tokens 

Getting the tokens of your favorite football club is a simpler and faster process than it seems. Especially through Bitnovo, because it allows you to get chiliz (CHZ) needed to buy Barcelona Fan tokens, even with cash!

Take note of all the steps …

Firstly, you will need to have a profile within the platform

So you must start by downloading the app and completing the registration steps. Once inside the app you will be able to purchase your Fan Token/s by using $CHZ – the digital currency of – to participate in the club surveys. For getting these tokens you have several methods at your disposal.

socioscom app for football token Bitnovo
Registro socioscom futbol tokens Bitnovo

The second step is to buy Chiliz (CHZ): buy online or buy in cash? It’s up to you.

Buy Chiliz Online

If you want to buy CHZ tokens online through Bitnovo, without registration, you just have to follow these quick steps.

1º Access the Bitnovo website to buy chiliz online

Buy cryptocurrency online

2º Specify the amount in euros that you want to buy in cryptocurrencies and select CHZ from the list of avaliable cryptos.

comprar chiliz Bitnovo

3º Paste the address of your wallet for receiving CHZ tokens.

How to buy chiliz online CHZ
Socios wallet address CHZ Bitnovo

Buy Chiliz in cash 

If you want to buy chiliz in cash to get the Barça Fan Tokens with Bitnovo you can do it through the associated stores: Fnac, Game, Worten, tobacconists, etc.

1º It is as simple as locating the closest selling points around your position and buying the Bitnovo vouchers you’ll find along with other gift cards such as Netflix, Spotify, Amazon …

Cryptocurrencies selling points in cash

2º Once you have made the purchase, you just have to redeem the voucher to directly receive the tokens in your wallet.

Canjear cupon criptomonedas Bitnovo

Finally, with your user and with CHZ tokens ready in your wallet, you only have to obtain the participation tokens of your favorite clubs. At this step you will discover how to buy Barça Fan tokens.

1º Navigate looking for the team you are a fan (PSG, ATM, JUV, FCB …) 

2º Select the option to buy fan tokens of FC Barcelona or any other club.

3º Put the amount you want to buy

Football teams Socios CHZ Bitnovo
Get Fan Tokens PSG Socios Bitnovo
Buy Fan Tokens with CHZ Bitnovo

How many Fan Tokens do you need to vote?

Just one. One Fan Tolen gives you the right to vote in every poll that the club publishes. These tokens are not ‘spent’ after voting on a poll but buying more fan tokens will increase your influence inside your club and will give you exclusive rewards.

Cómo comprar Barca Fan Tokens Bitnovo


You have to know that Barça Fan Tokens (known as $BAR within the app) will be available in Q2 2020. Barcelona club will emit 40 million Barça Fan Tokens, each of them costing €2. 

Blockchain technology allows you getting closer than ever to the team you love , cryptocurrencies are increasingly accepted and you can already team up with some of the biggest clubs in the world. What a hit!! … what are you waiting for?