Cryptocurrency purchase has never been so easy!

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Advantages in cryptocurrency purchase in Bitnovo

When we started our project four years ago. Our goal was to make the cryptocurrency purchase easy for any kind of audience. At that time the process was extremely complex.

We launched our cryptocurrency voucher system last year, in July, in over 4,000 physical stores distributed throughout Spain. From that moment you can buy a voucher with euro that will be redeemed with one of the cryptocurrencies available on our website.

A few weeks later we realized we had been felt short. There were so many users who had heard of the new service, but unfortunately they did not have any point of sale nearby.

Currently, thanks to our partners, we can ensure that those who do not have a symbolic amount of a cryptocurrency is because they do not want it, since our voucher system is available in Carrefour and in thousands of kiosks.

It is time to expand the cryptocurrencies horizons

Everything we have learned, especially during this last year, has made us realize that we must go a step further: expanding in more countries.

Tutto ciò che abbiamo imparato, specialmente durante questo ultimo anno, ci ha fatto capire che dobbiamo fare un passo in più: espanderci in più paesi.

We will start in Europe – Italy (why lie !?) we love pasta and it’s the perfect excuse 😉

Comprar criptomoneda Bitnovo

We will start by launching our vouchers in different parts of the country and our goal is to increase the number of sales points in the next few months.

Bitnovo also gives big importance to the customer care. So if you have any questions before, during or after the cryptocurrency purchase process, do not hesitate to contact our support team to clarify all your doubts. Also, if you contact us from Italy, we have Italian staff able to answer your questions in your local language.

We support and bet on cryptocurrencies. The future is already here and if you are reading this article from anywhere on the planet, just know that… We will soon arrive there too! 😉

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