Buying Bitcoins in Carrefour has come true

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Buying Bitcoins at the supermarket …

A dream come true!

***Update: Currently it is not possible to buy bitnovo vouchers at Carrefour supermarkets***

Bitcoin the revolutionary invention of satoshi nakamoto that is elaborated in the current blockchain technology one of the most successful digital currencies that exist and the first to be created

Buying bitcoins has never been so easy with our prepaid cards you have the option to access the crypto currencies in a quick and easy way which you have within reach, if you are a user who enjoys his anonymity this is one of the best options to keep it since you do not have to register to redeem your crypto currencies, no matter how many codes you insert all will be redeemed since there is no limit to how many you can buy

Buying bitcoins in Carrefour it’s now possible! We’ve got something special to celebrate! In our eagerness to continue bringing the cryptocurrencies to all corners of the planet, we have launched a new product. We present the Bitnovo gift card.

Cupón bitnovo criptmoneda dash

With this new method you can buy bitcoin and, in the future, other cryptocurrencies in cash or by credit card or debit card, without the need to register.

However, the good news is that from today you can find your gift card and buy Bitcoins at the supermarket. Yes, you got it right, we are not crazy!

You just need to go to one of the Carrefour Spain stores, choose the voucher of the desired amount, go through the cash and redeem it instantly through the Bitnovo app or the web to your favorite bitcoin wallet.

Buying bitcoins in Carrefour is easy, fast and safe … No need to register and ideal for a gift.

The gift card format is ideal to buy a gift and introduce your family or friends to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.

Buying bitcoin has never been so easy.

Carrefour, the first commercial area in Spain to sell cryptocurrencies

Comprare bitcoins en Carrefour

Who was going to tell us a few years ago that we could fill the weekly shopping cart and buy some cryptocurrencies?

Now, the agreement reached with these large commercial areas and franchises makes bitcoin and cryptocurrencies available to anyone

Our vouchers are located in more than 170 Carrefour centers throughout Spain. You can consult your nearest store in our selling point map experience on our website, or in the Bitnovo App.

Find your nearest Carrefour store and buy your favorite cryptocurrencies now! 🙂

Buy bitcoins on our website

If you do not have access to this establishment you can also buy crypto currencies on our website where it is a very easy and fast transaction that with just a few simple steps and after checking your identity you will have your crypto currencies in a wallet of your choice, remember that not only do we have bitcoins but also a large number of crypto currencies from which you can choose any to start your journey in the crypto currencies

A smart investment

The purchase of bitcoins or crypto currencies day after day is transformed into a better investment which is added to more investors, users who invest in crypto currencies have great profits that are reflected in the long term investments normally minimum one year, hen the crypto currency market is volatile the annual investments have a great profit this volatility mainly affects the short term investments but the long term investments are not so affected because as the bitcoin works is that the more time passes the less bitcoins will be generated to trade giving that in a year 1 bitcoin can go up because the amount of bitcoins created is less than the one created last year.

As always remember that this is not an investment advice and that you should always investigate and understand the world of crypts to decide if this is the best for you, it is also good to be advised by a professional who will recommend and guide you on how to invest

Start trading today

Buy bitcoins and start trading with them today at these points also Game, Fnac, Eroski, Worten store, tobacconists and other Bitnovo points. And then start to trade with them on a trading platform, take advantage before the bitcoin price goes up to the clouds.

Getting started in the crypto currency trade is very easy from our bitnovo app with a few simple steps like scan a qr code and link your wallet and start your cryptocurrency exchange and start making money.

For the users who decide to register and buy in our web we have an artificial intelligence that helps us to check the registration of our users when buying cryptos.

Any problem you have will be solved in minutes by our active support team, with whom you can talk in real time

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