Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer: Founders of DOGE

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Dogecoin is one of the most interesting cryptos to analyze in the last decade. Not only because of its current market capitalization (over $26 billion) but also because of its particular history and icon: the DOGE meme. 

Beyond the development behind DOGE, it is evident that the constant support of SpaceX and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk helped it gain massive fame. Elon tweeted several times about the project and is a fervent advocate of dog money.

Another factor that made it stand out from other cryptos and Litecoin derivative projects, (yes, Dogecoin is a fork of Litecoin) was its symbol of a Shiba Inu dog that is already a famous internet meme.

Without a doubt, it is a project, by itself, funny that started as a joke.

Nevertheless, her fun and joy is her trademark and what even makes many of us remember her without having to dig into our memories. 

But do you know who were the minds that conceived this idea and made it a reality? The two jokers who, far from being comedians, are incredible enthusiasts in the crypto world?

Today we will take a brief look at who are the two characters that gave birth to Dogecoin (DOGE), the crypto that captivated Elon Musk and the entire internet.

Who are Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer?

Dogecoin was created by American programmer and former IBM engineer Billy Markus and his friend, Jackson Palmer, a marketing worker at Adobe System in Sydney, Australia.

Initially, Billy Markus tried to tinker with an existing crypto called “Bells” based on the Nintendo game Animal Crossing. His hope was to reach a larger user base than Bitcoin. 

Faced with these plans, his colleague Palmer had an idea in mind and was arguably the person who originally thought up the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. 

However, he didn’t bring it to reality until a Front Range Community College student motivated him on Twitter. It was there, where Palmer contacted Markus and the project was born in 2013. 

Let’s highlight a few things about both:

Billy Markus y Jackson Palmer: Fundadores de DOGE

Jackson Palmer: The founder of Dogecoin

Jackson Palmer defines himself as a geek and a “marketing” geek, having worked for a long time in the technology sector.

He currently lives in San Francisco for work, but is an Australian by birth. For years before the creation of Dogecoin, he was interested in cryptocurrencies and memes.

In fact, he had read extensively about Bitcoin. This made it possible for him to design a successful project that unites the most famous meme at the time and the Bitcoin movement, reaching a high position among the crypto rankings. 

At present, he is working as a product manager for Dogecoin in Bay Area (San Francisco) and, since 2017, he is uploading videos to YouTube channel on cryptocurrencies and related topics.

After years, he has managed to build a nice community of people passionate about the technology behind cryptos. He also continuously interacts with his community through his Twitter.

Billy Markus: The co founder of Dogecoin

Markus can be described as a software engineer who is an expert in memes and makes jokes on the Internet. Precisely, from one of his jokes against Bitcoin’s popularity, Dogecoin was born. 

Currently, they are not developing the coins, but he is the CEO of Dogecoin. Apart from that, he tweets under the name Shibetoshi Nakamoto, a nick alluding to Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

In 2015, he made headlines because he sold all his cryptocurrencies for what it costs to buy a used Honda Civic ($10,000). Among them, Litecoin, Bitcoin, DOGE and a bunch more.

This is part of one of his common promises or sayings, in which he assures that he would always sell everything for what a used Honda Civic would cost.

Billy Markus y Jackson Palmer: Fundadores de DOGE

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