TRADING – Why has your interest increased in recent years?

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Currently the word trading, has gained a greater participation although we know that this term or stock is not new and has been practiced for years by major investors. Why has it become popular, Well to begin with we can say that it is the action of buying and selling some financial instrument or asset called as examples; Bonds, Shares, Foreign Exchange among others, where the person who exercises the action or profession is called a trader and this always speculates where the price of that asset goes.

But although it is true that this is not new, you can deduce that the term has become more known for two main reasons:

  • The evolution of technology has played a very important role, since, through great advances such as the Internet has made it possible to connect a user and a broker so that he can trade from anywhere in the world different financial instrument in addition, it has facilitated the creation of accounts with amounts up to a minimum of 10 dollars.
  • Crypto Currencies, referring to Bitcoin as the most famous among them, have revolutionized social networks due to their exponential growth since their birth in 2009, and have awakened great interest in small investors with the aim of generating profitability to their capital. This is possible to the services offered by Exchange that allow giving liquidity to a market in different crypto currencies.
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The trading of Criptomoneda was gaining participation, since, they were growing and creating projects of Icos, tokens and Criptomonedas backed some of them by companies and others to give an added value to the adoption of the same in the traditional economy, this was born different forms of trading as; Binaries, Futures, Holders among others. More and more new modalities are being incorporated that allow retail traders to diversify their portfolio according to their investment style.

How can we get the most out of crypto currency trading?

I will mention different ways you can generate income, however, I suggest you train yourself before making decisions related to the world of cryptomonies, since you are the only one responsible for your investment. In this Bitnovo blog you will find different basic concepts that you should take into account when making a decision, you should support yourself with courses, mentoring, books or academies to improve your skills.

These are some of the ways you can generate income in Cryptos.

  • Hold
  • Staking
  • Airdrops
  • Masternodes
  • Lending
  • Mineria
  • CFD
  • Trading

In another blog we will talk a little more about each one, for this article we will refer to trading, the term “Fashion” is simply to get the most out of the more than 2. 000 Cryptos that exist, buying at a price that is considered a good buying area and selling it with a great margin of profit, since there have been projects that have come to raise “Pumps” to more than 1,000% thus leaving great benefits, which is why it becomes interesting to acquire different Cryptos among the most recognized ETH, LTC, XRP, TRX among others. In order to enter these markets you must create an account in an Exchange that offers you the service, before registering I advise you to read their policies, of privacy, of withdrawal and of deposits.

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This 2020 has been a positive year for many Cryptomonies like:

  • Bitcoin: which on March 15 was trading at around 3,850 USD and after a few months in August it reached 12,350 USD with an average increase of 220%.
  • *ETH, in the same way on the same dates went from quoting 88 dollars to touching 488 dollars in August, generating 454% profit.

Many projects doubled their price and for this simple reason trading has gone viral thanks to its high returns, but don’t get carried away by emotions or being told that you must invest there, remember, this is not a game and what is at risk is your money.  So I invite you to train yourself if you are about to enter this world.

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