Who is Andreas Antonopoulos?

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Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the best known Bitcoin advocates and disseminators of the time. He stands out for his great dedication to the world of digital currencies and, above all, for being the creator of the famous podcast “Let’s Talk Bitcoin“. In addition, he is a writer of books on Bitcoin, Blockchain and Ethereum.

His goal has always been to educate as many people, in as many places and in as many languages as possible, about Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Antonopoulos is recognized for his involvement in a multitude of social causes focused on promoting freedom of expression and human rights through technology.

He is one of the most recognized people in the world of cryptocurrencies and in fact he has been interviewed by major industries such as Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC and Financial Times among others. He has also appeared in some documentaries and as a witness in some legal cases.

Origin of Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos was born in 1972 in London although he grew up in Greece so he has dual Greek-British nationality. From an early age he was attracted to computer science. His career began with a degree in Computer ScienceData Communication and Distributed Computing from University College London.

Antonopoulos became interested in the world of technology when he was just 10 years old.

This prompted him to want to know everything about new technologies. Another experience at his young age of direct relevance to Blockchain was exposure to the web. At the age of 14, Antonopoulos made his first contact with a modem and the Internet also came as a strong surprise to him.

During the 1990s he provided his services to open source and open networking companies. Over time he became the author of more than 200 books and publications printed worldwide. Because of his extensive experience in computer security, Antonopoulos asserted that the real problem for business is not hackers, but overly complex systems in business.

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Andreas Antonopoulos and Bitcoin

By 2012 Antonopoulos knew Bitcoin and loved how it worked. So much so that he left his job as an independent consultant to dedicate himself solely to the study of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. He started giving talks about Bitcoins and became the independent Bitcoin consultant for large companies.

In his spare time he devoted himself to writing articles about Bitcoin without any remuneration as it was part of his favorite subject. He later became the head of the Bitcoin Foundation’s anti poverty committee until 2014. He resigned from his position due to the foundation’s lack of transparency.

His career continued to grow in January 2018 as the Director of Security at Blockchain.info until September 2018 when he left his position to become the advisor to the board of Blockchain.info. At that point he begins the most well-known facet of his life, Bitcoin Disclosure.

Andreas is recognized for…

Antonopoulos wrote numerous books on Bitcoin and how it works as well as on the Blockchain.

  • However, not only did he write some books, but he also has a YouTube channel and a well-known podcast called “Let’s Talk Bitcoin“.
  • Among the most important moments of his life was his open criticism of the Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange platform, calling it untrustworthy. He accused it of being a trap for traders and of being run by ignorant people.
  • In 2014 he organized a campaign to help Dorian Nakamoto raise funds. That campaign identified Dorian, according to Antonopoulos, as Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. The article in which he exposed the idea became one of the biggest controversies in the Bitcoin community.
  • On October 8, 2014 Antonopoulos responded to questions from the Canadian Senate Banking and Commerce Committee where he warned of the consequences of premature Bitcoin regulation for the technology.
  • One of the most important events was in 2016 when Andreas launched his first edition of the Mastering Bitcoin book both in print and online.
Quién es Andreas Antonopoulos Bitnovo
  • Andreas Antonopoulos’ published books also include “The Internet of Money” and “The Internet of Money Volume II”.
  • By 2017 there were so many followers and fans of his work that Antonopoulos began to receive donations in Bitcoin which he had not asked for. In total they came to total 100 Bitcoins which at the time amounted to the sum of approximately 1.3 million US dollars.

All this thanks to a tweet from Roger Ven where he questioned Antonopoulos’ Bitcoin funding given his career and speeches on Bitcoin following the tweet posted earlier by the Bitcoin Discloser where he stated that he was not a Bitcoin millionaire. Later that night, after receiving so much love from the community, Antonopoulos stated:

«Words are my trade, but tonight I am at a loss for words.»

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