Where and how to buy bitcoins in 2020

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Where to buy Bitcoin by credit or debit card


All of the above crypto-currency platforms allow you to buy Bitcoin with a credit or debit card.

Without a doubt, it’s one of the easiest and quickest purchase methods, but it’s also less secure, since some exchanges have proven to be insecure or have swindled many users who had placed their trust in them.

In addition, many sites require the user to register by creating an account, a procedure that is often quite tedious.

That’s why, if you want to buy Bitcoin by credit or debit card, we recommend that you choose a secure platform that allows you to buy quickly and easily, without having to go through long and complex procedures.

That’s why we recommend you to try Bitnovo, because it offers its users an agile platform and an easy and fast crypto currency purchase system.

Its procedure for buying cryptos is currently the easiest as it does not require the creation of an account.

In fact, your purchase process is more than simple: once you enter their website bitnovo.com, you just have to choose the crypto you want to buy, enter the desired amount and choose the payment method you prefer.

As mentioned above, one of the biggest advantages of Bitnovo is that to buy bitcoins you won’t have to register and you’ll only be asked for your wallet number, your phone number and an email address to verify your identity.

Another important advantage is its low commissions that make it one of the most popular sites among crypto coin lovers.


Where to Buy Bitcoin in Cash in Spain

dónde comprar bitcoin en 2020 en españa Bitnovo

We are well aware that, when buying crypto-currencies, there is a great limitation because almost all the platforms mentioned above only allow the purchase of crypto-currencies online.

But, have you ever wondered if there is a possibility to buy Bitcoin in cash in Spain?

Normally, when we talk about buying bitcoins in cash, we think of the classic purchase of cryptos from private users who claim to own bitcoins, putting them up for sale through online ads or websites. Given the numerous scams that have occurred in cases of buying and selling Bitcoin for cash, we strongly recommend that you don’t use this procedure.

So what’s my alternative to buying Bitcoin for cash in Spain?

Well, the solution is provided once again by Bitnovo, which allows you to buy Bitcoin and more than 20 crypto-currencies in cash in more than 30,000 points of sale in Spain, Italy, France and Portugal.

Here’s how it works:

Once you’ve accessed the Bitnovo website or its App, available in Google Play or App Store, you can check the available sales points in your country or region.

Each store has available crypto coupons. You can choose the amount you want, and once the coupon is issued, all you have to do is redeem it for your favorite crypto-currency through the Bitnovo website or app.

The advantage of buying bitcoins in cash is that, at the time of redeeming the coupons for cryptos, you won’t be asked to register or have your identity verified.

Now that we’ve shown you all the possible alternatives for buying Bitcoin, all you have to do is jump into the fascinating world of cryptos and, once you’ve made your first purchase of cryptos, tell us about your experience.

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