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If you like the world of cryptocurrencies and also games, you have to know what Megacryptopolis is. It is an Ethereum network game launched in 2018 that has stood out for its success. If you don’t know it yet, don’t worry. In this article we will tell you all about what it is and how it works.

Megacryptopolis is a decentralized city-building strategy game. The game runs as a decentralized application (DApp) on multiple blockchains. Whenever an action is performed in the game, it is a transaction signed by a player and carried out through a smart contract.

Assets in MegaCryptoPolis are cryptographically unique ERC-721 tokens stored in users’ wallets. The game sequence is executed entirely on smart contracts and each action is a transaction that has been verified on the blockchain.


How does Megacryptopolis work?

The Megacryptopolis game, as we mentioned above, is based on a decentralized model where each and every transaction made in the game is verified by smart contracts. All activity in it is stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

In Megacryptopolis players have the possibility of renting buildingas well as producing different materials and creating new generations of citizens. The same players, in turn, can offer services to other players, can place advertisements and can perform activities such as driving vehicles and so on.

In 2019, a new concept of microeconomics was introduced into the game, which brought with it a new set of functions. Among these functions are:

  • Residential buildings will start producing Citizen tokens needed to maintain operations in other buildings.
  • In the offices they will give work to Citizens for the purpose of earning Ether. Commercial buildings will be a means to help citizens with the restoration of their resilience and will also allow them to change their appearance in exchange for a small Ether fee.
  • The municipal building will begin receiving insurance funds if a natural disaster occurs in the district.
  • Production buildings will be responsible for manufacturing the complex materials needed to upgrade the game.
  • In terms of energy, buildings that have been constructed near resource sites will be responsible for producing electricity and water. Both of these resources are of the highest priority for other buildings to operate.

If a user wants to play under this microeconomics concept, he must first be designated in a building. The overall performance of each building will be defined by the citizens. This overall performance is defined by a number of leverage points that each building has. Each building requires a specific number of citizens to operate at full power. This number will vary depending on the level and type of building.


How to play Megacryptopolis?

If so far you find the dynamics of the game attractive and you are interested in starting to play it, here we show you how you can do it in a simple and easy way.

  • The first step is to install a wallet. The wallet is necessary, as a digital cryptographic wallet is required to authorize to securely store game assets and sign transactions on the blockchain.
  • As a second step we must obtain cryptocurrencies. Each blockchain has its own cryptocurrency needed to sign transactions and acquire game assets.
  • The third and last step is simply to start the game. To do this we must go to the game’s web page from our mobile http://play.mcp3d.com. At that moment we will be required to unlock our wallet and grant access to Megacryptopolis. Finally, when we open the game we will see a window requesting our email for identification purposes.

For each new blockchain we will be recognized as a new user and we will always be asked to enter the email address (only the first time). However, we will be able to join all accounts to our profile.


Ways to play

This game offers its users several ways to play. Among the possible strategies that we can find in this game we see:


Buildings are constructed on the grounds of the decentralized city with the main purpose of being rented or operated by a player depending on their type. Among the types of buildings offered by the game are residential, office, commercial, municipal, industrial, production, and energy buildings. Each new construction of a building directly impacts everything that is built around it.

To construct buildings users require materials as well as fees and taxes paid to the Global and Local Funds (of each District). All this, of course in the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain. It should be noted that energy buildings require a parcel of Resource land for their construction.

When we upgrade a building this directly affects the amount of influence points of the building. Upgrades also require materials.

Produce NFT tokens

Most buildings in MegaCryptoPolis have the ability to produce non-fungible tokens that are required by other buildings to operate. This is regardless of whether the building is Citizen, Resource such as Electricity and Water, Material such as brick, wood or stone, among others or even Appliances.

A user could create a complete production chain in this game with all kinds of buildings to fill all the needs of further development. A more efficient way to do business in the decentralized city would be to buy the necessary components on the market.

Renting a building

If the user rents a building token he is allowed to use it as his own for a daily fee. As we have already mentioned above, constructing a building requires citizens and some effort to collect results on a regular basis. If these are not the plans we have for the building, we can simply rent it on the market.

It should be noted that those buildings that generate cryptocurrencies such as office, commercial and municipal types may not be rented. The building owner is responsible for setting the daily rental price, as well as the minimum and maximum period for which a building is available and can be rented.  Once a user has paid the rental price, the building token will be locked and the tenant will be able to use it for the agreed period.

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