What is KOGS (NFT)?

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Today, the world of collectibles and NFTs has proven to have enormous economic and emotional potential. 

This is because, in addition to being able to market them, there is also the illusion of having a unique work of art or different rare items, either because they remind you of your childhood, have a cool style or are admirable.

Thus, in blockchain technology, there are a number of projects that revolve around it and have a clear objective: to achieve interoperability of collectible NFTs.

Consequently, these digital assets are now not only looking to be tradable or saleable, but usable in a unique gaming experience. An example of this can be found in MOMO NFT Farmer and the games designed by its creator.

Following this line, today we bring you a very interesting project that reminds us of the typical tazos of different TV series that we found in the corner shop, but with two differentiating elements: 

    • A unique design.
    • The possibility of using them within other games of RFOXGames, its developer.

Let’s see what it’s all about!

What is KOGS (NFT)?

A KOG is a type of NFT that functions as a Key to Other Games (KOG).

Consequently, they are interoperable, since you can use them in several games and, in their operation, they act as the currency of those games. 

Thus, by having KOGS, you get:

    • One entry to tournaments, special events and virtual metaverses.
    • VIP access to selected features such as weapons, upgrades or early access to the game.

Likewise, these KOGs are fully collectible, playable and interchangeable with other players or with real money.

In 2020, this idea was built by RFOX Games, a department of blockchain developer: RedFox Labs.

Currently, through KOGS, they plan to create an ecosystem of interoperable games based on tournaments. As great allies for their purposes, they are:

    • Emerging technologies in the field of decentralized finance.
    • The modality we know very well: play to earn or play to win.
¿Qué es KOGS (NFT)? Los tazos de la nueva era

How can I purchase and use my KOGS?

The purchasing process

To begin with, it should be known that the blockchain on which KOGS and RFOX Games works is the WAX or Worldwide Asset eXchange blockchain.

It is one of the most recognized blockchains for being especially oriented to NFT collections, whether for games, dApps or digital marketplaces.

In addition, it is backed by major companies in the video game industry such as Atari and Capcom.

Therefore, everything to do with KOGS will be done with the WAX token (WAXP) and its WAX Cloud Wallet.

To do this, in order to get your first WAXP, you can use cryptocurrencies such as BitcoinEthereum or USDT to exchange them for WAXP and get started in this process.

Afterwards, you must go to the KOGS marketplace, which you can find on the official website of the project.

There, all you have to do is click on the package that catches your attention. At present, there is a great variety with interesting designs such as Marvel superheroes.

Once you know which package you want, select “buy with wax” and you are ready to put your KOGS to the test.

The games

Currently, it is not known which games we will be able to implement our KOGS in.

However, according to their roadmap, they are under development and are in closed-form testing.

¿Qué es KOGS (NFT)? Los tazos de la nueva era

Our journey through the world of play to earn video games and interoperable NFTs has come to an end. But don’t worry!

If you want to know more about this topic and find out all the news that KOGS and blockchain video games have for you, you are in the right blog.

In Bitnovo, we bring you, week after week, exclusive information from the best writers.

We also have our own website where you can buy Ethereum or Bitcoin and get started in KOGS easily, quickly and securely. 

Are you ready to take action?

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