What is Big Time? A new crypto game

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If you are passionate about the world of cryptocurrencies and the world of video games, you may have heard about Big Time, a blockchain video game with which you can have fun and at the same time receive some economic remuneration. In this article we will tell you all about how it works.

What is Big Time?

Big Time is a cooperative role-playing game that combines fast action combat, a great adventure through history and the differential factor, the ability to collect NFT. All this we will see through a journey where we will meet very important characters for the story. Our role as players will be to save the timeline. Next we will see how this game works and what is its story.

Big time history


Big Time was conceived by Ari Meilich, the co-founder and former CEO of the Decentraland metaverse. On the other hand the game designer is Thor Alexander. This game became the first PC action video game with the feature of being based on Blockchain and NFT.

The launch of the game’s NFTs was a success as all tokens were sold in less than 10 seconds. The token sale took place on July 22 this year. After the sale the company stated that they had four sets of NFTs, including VIP early access passescinematic moment NFTs, a collection of mystery boxes known as “Space-Time Postcards” and finally high-concept exclusive art.

After purchasing the tokens the early VIP passes gave players early access to the game by placing them in three different tiers. The first is Gold level priced at $499, Silver level at $299 and Jade level at $179.

The company behind the development of this game is Big Times Studios based in Los Angeles. The main goal pursued by the company is to bring cryptocurrency-enabled video games to a general and wider audience.

Prior to the launch of Big Time, the company had already made clear its intention to sell NFT tokens through one of the most popular exchange platforms. In May of this year, Big Time Studios held a financing round with the aim of bringing NFT to one of the world’s largest economies. In this financing round, a total of 21 million dollars was raised. The round was divided into two parts. On one side was formed by high profile entities North Island Ventures, Digital Currency Group and FBG Capital. On the other side we have the funding from Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures.



How does Big Time work?

Big Time features a system known as Timelines. This system allows players to level up the same character in multiple class paths and while they can also change the desired class. So far we have three classes, these are Warrior, Chronomancer and Shadowblase. The game transports players through time and space to meet famous figures throughout history.

The main mission is based on unveiling a mysterious threat that brings down the walls of time and collapses history in unexpected ways. Everything is experienced through an online game that allows hundreds of players to make their way together in Big Time.

Every player can get loot. As the game progresses players can get all kinds of new equipment, mounts, pets, player ranks and titles. As for the economic system of the game, outside of Big Time we can find “rare” items that can be traded, rented or sold to other players.

These valuable items can be found by the players. To understand it better let’s take an example; if a player kills a final boss in A dungeon the winner can win a NFT. It should be noted that NFTs will only be cosmetic items that can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies and FIAT. In addition the game also features non-tradable items such as equipment that will grant us more power in the game. This equipment cannot be exchanged for cryptocurrencies or FIAT money.



What is Big Time about?


The story of the game or also called “lore” is based mainly on the fact that time dies. The plot is based on the fact that an unknown force causes uncontrollable changes throughout the history of the world. As a result, different stages collide with each other and others are lost into oblivion. Our goal as a player is to stop the damage caused before reality ends up disappearing.

At the same time that the problems are increasing many take refuge in the only safe place in the universe known as “The end of time“. In a short time this space, which is a small planetoid, encounters the problem of overpopulation. As a solution a company offers utopias on demand for anyone who can afford it. Users can choose which time and space they want to go to and only have to pay for it.

After all these setbacks, the great minds of the video game decide to meet in The End of Time. They then create the Evermore Academy, the institution dedicated to defending time. A curious fact is that the leader of this brilliant unit is Albert Einstein who holds the position of director. As they fight for time Einstein gathers the greatest heroes to tackle this mission to defend history.

At that moment the players enter as time travelers summoned to the end of the universe to participate in the greatest adventure in the world. In this trip we will visit the worst confines of time and space where we will see mystery, danger and familiar faces.

In short, it is a video game based on defending the timeline through which we will find different tools and although not all of them will be tradable, some of them can offer us very good economic rewards. 

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