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top 10 blogs bitcoin Bitnovo
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The importance of social networks on Bitcoin is beyond doubt. But there are other very important actors in the dissemination of Bitcoin news and content. Specialized blogs are undoubtedly a key element in this aspect. In recent years, news on cryptocurrency has grown in blogs. To the point that, at the moment, many of these blogs can be considered as references when trying to get fresh and accurate information. We have reviewed the major blogs in Spain as well as the top 10 Bitcoin blogs on an international level.

Blogs in Spain

As it happens in general, in Spain a great quantity of blogs oriented to the cryptocurrencies have arisen. Platforms like Bitnovo or Bit2me, are positioned with their corresponding proposals for services and information.

Top pages in Spain

Top pages about Bitcoin news in Spanish

1Coin Telegraph
2Mundo Cripto News
4El criptografo
5Diario Bitcoin

Top international pages