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There are two types of companies in the field of cryptocurrencies in which you can choose to work. In the first option it means working in a cryptocurrency which is already established or developed, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Or the second option would be to get involved in a project where team members develop a new bitcoin-based currency.

These companies seek to fill their job ranks throughout the organization, in both technical and non-technical positions.

With this we can deduce that there are many options in which we can take advantage of our skill set to get a job with cryptocurrencies.

As the cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy, you do not need to be an expert on the subject to apply for a job in these stages of cryptocurrency creation or in a more developed company.

As long as you are curious about cryptocurrencies and want to learn the basics, most companies will be willing to train you on the job. Taking online courses about bitcoins and cryptocurrencies can help with the basics.

With this we can say that even though you are up to date in the field of cryptocurrencies for most of the vacancies this would be the only thing you would need, but it is essential to know in advance to know about economics or the applied technology to apply for a developer position, at Applying to be a blockchain developer will always have an advantage over others if you comply with the above mentioned.

To apply to a technical roll, even if you never implement a blockchain you must at least know how it works

There are also some traits that you must have if you apply for a technical position to show that you can catch up and have a passion for learning something complicated, those people who work in blockchain are their passion.

The end when you apply for a job in crypto should be someone who is quick learners, adapts easily, and has a passion for the future of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto jobs list

Normally blockchain engineers, full-stack developers, and front-end developers are very much needed in projects.

But there are also roles available such as: customer service, data analysts, developers, miners, project managers, DevOps engineers, consultants, sales associates, reporters, technical product managers, marketers, writers and copywriters with a niche in the cryptocurrencies

Jobs for bitcoins

Coinality: This may be the best Bitcoin job board out there. This has a very large number of Bitcoin jobs; they also add jobs that are displayed on other job board sites. Most of the published jobs tend to be geared towards software development, writing, and website design. You can also post your resume. Present a mix of full-time and freelance positions.

/r/Jobs4Bitcoins: a subreddit dedicated to Bitcoin jobs. Features listings for job offers HIRING, FORHIRE, and BOUNTY.

BitGigs: lists jobs offer Buying and resumes Selling for a variety of categories. Posting a job is free of charge, though the listings tend to be a bit sparse.

BelnCrypto: this is a complete job board of Bitcoin and Blockchain related opportunities from around the web.

jobs in cryptocyrrency Bitnovo

Blockchain careers

Those seeking a career in blockchain technology must follow a different guide than those who embarked on this technology before. With this in mind, what would be the best way to enter a career in blockchain technology?

What is needed is people who continually develop and improve their skills and that day by day they stay connected to the advances that are made in the field of blockchain. Taking steps in this area does not require enrolling in a college program or attending expensive seminars, if they help, but enrolling in an online education that in many cases is inexpensive also helps keep you up-to-date on the latest discoveries.

So which careers can you choose?

Blockchain Developer:

These are needed in a large quantity, the blockchain developer must be programmers who pay attention to the smallest detail as this is a high rank. Blockchain developers must create applications and generally must have experience in c ++, Python, and javascript before you can become a blockchain developer.

Blockchain Solution Architect:

This has the responsibility of designing, assigning and connecting the components in the blockchain, these are developed by network administrators, UX designers and IT operators are the ones who develop the solutions in the blockchain.

Blockchain Project Manager:

They are those who entrusted him with the responsibility of looking for the experts whose duty it is to develop solutions for the blockchain project. They must have the skills of a traditional project manager

Blockchain UX Designer:

These are the people who are in charge of the user interface, an interface that builds trust and is attractive to normal people. They must pay attention to detail, have an artistic touch and most importantly enjoy their work as they will spend a lot of time on their computers.

Blockchain Quality Engineer:

In this environment we need someone to ensure quality to ensure and test the project and to certify that the quality is as required. They require paying attention to everything because a small mistake could affect everyone who uses this technology.

Blockchain Legal Consultant:

As in any company, a legal part will always be required as legal problems will arise. And for this you must have adequate communication skills since they are mandatory and you must know the law very well since blockchain has no borders which is also recommended that you master at least 3 languages

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