What is Jobchain?

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Would you like to find a job wherever you are and be paid with cryptocurrencies? You won’t believe it but this is pure reality! Today we will tell you about a very innovative platform that allows you to manage everything related to the world of work from an App.

Today we will discover what Jobchain is, how its platform works and what advantages it offers to its users.

Jobchain History

Jobchain was founded in 2019 by Spanish computer scientist Jose Bay. It is a company focused on developing a job search platform that allows job seekers to connect with employers who can offer salary payments via cryptocurrencies. Jobchain’s ultimate goal is to contribute to the global adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The company currently has offices in Madrid, Vienna and Palo Alto (USA) and has more than 20 employees. Since its inception, the Jobchain project has received multiple international awards and recognitions and is being developed with a group of experts and advisors from the United Nations (UN), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

What is Jobchain and how does it work?

As I have advanced, Jobchain is an ecosystem that aims to allow anyone to find work or staff by paying in cryptocurrencies.

Jobchain is a multifunctional blockchain platform, which aims to facilitate the integration process of various service providers and users, preserving the rights as an employer and/or employee within the protected and verified environment.

This allows those who do not have access to bank accounts, or are not registered with social security, the opportunity to receive their salary in JOB, Jobchain’s native cryptocurrency.

At the core of Jobchain’s strategy is the distribution of incentives for employers and employees to register on the platform. That is, all users holding JOB tokens can enjoy benefits in economic terms that will make Jobchain and its crypto more attractive.

How does the Jobchain recruitment system work?

Jobchain has a wide range of job profiles, which customers/employers can sort or filter by availability, location, salary and qualifications.

Any user registered in the application will be able to hire and be hired instantly charging for the services rendered based on the contract.

In addition, for transparency, the platform allows users to give their opinion and rate the services provided.

Experience Employer

  • Employers look for the candidates that best fit their needs, thanks to filters that make it easier for them to find the best profiles;
  • Once you have found your candidates, you will be able to make them an offer and then hire them directly thanks to the direct messaging system between employers and employees available within the application;
  • Employers will be able to pay their employees for services rendered also in JOB tokens.

Experience Employee

  • The employee experience starts by enabling their visibility in the Jobchain Ecosystem;
  • Employees can choose what information to make visible to others and can apply directly for any job or make an offer to the employer;

In short, the Jobchain Ecosystem enables both employers and employees:

  1. Keep a log with a list of all work-related activities;
  2. Qualify and be qualified. These ratings are visible to all customers who are part of the Jobchain ecosystem;
  3. To be able to sign a predefined contract covering protection and coverage for both parties.

Jobchain Consensus System

Jobchain’s network architecture is designed to be fully decentralized and self-sufficient. For this reason, Jobchain relies on proof-of-trust mechanisms to ensure the validity of the verification nodes.

Its most outstanding features are:

  • Set of rewards for active and engaged Jobchain users.
  • Chain improvement capabilities and incentives for code contributors.
  • Security Shield Protocol to ensure information security and reliability of network activity.

What is JOB from Jobchain?

JOB, as I mentioned to you earlier, is a utility token native to the Jobchain platform.

Jobchain was launched on May 1, 2019 with 100 billion JOB tokens created in genesis. Its supply is limited.

10% of the tokens are already in circulation and the remaining 90% are locked and will be released over the next five years.

JOB is used for:

  • Execute verification nodes in the network by staking out JOB tokens.
  • Governance votes to determine how network resources are allocated.

It is also used as:

  • Fee for processing transactions and storing data;
  • Fee for processing employment contracts;
  • Fee for cryptocurrency exchange services;
  • Fee for decentralized services;
  • Cashback on salaries;
  • Cashback on online purchases.

JOB cryptocurrencies become valuable assets, granting their holders a wide range of rewards for their activity in the Jobchain ecosystem. Holders of Jobchain cryptocurrencies will be able to:

  • Paying/receiving payment with JOBs cryptocurrencies
  • Buy/sell physical assets and get paid instantly

There are 7 levels of JOB token holders, which depend on how many tokens the user has. Depending on the level, users will have different advantages.


wallet de jobchain

Jobchain in addition to a web platformoffers an App that allows users to earn, buy, sell, transfer, store and rent different assets, using cryptocurrencies.

It is a multifunction Wallet that, among its functions, allows users to be hired and paid for their services within the same platform.

After free registration and verification through a KYC/AML verification process, customers will be able to:

  • Selling and buying cryptocurrencies
  • Transferring and receiving cryptocurrencies
  • Storing cryptocurrencies
  • Depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies
  • Contracts for ownership of physical assets (property, land, vehicles, etc.)
  • Selling and buying certain physical assets
  • Reporting lost and found physical assets
  • Store licenses, certificates, titles, memberships, etc.
  • Work experience records.

Advantages of Jobchain

Jobchain and JOB offer the following advantages:

  • They can lead to nearly 1.7 billion people finding job opportunities;
  • They provide financial freedom and allow their users not to depend on centralized agencies such as governmental and financial institutions;
  • They allow users to save on bank and transaction fees;
  • They make it possible to have more control over financial growth thanks to their Jobchain Wallet;
  • They enable more and more people to become financially stable and participate in the global economy.

Although the JOB token is young in the market, it has registered incredible growth in price.

Its growth makes us think that this platform, together with its cryptocurrency, has all the requirements to become a highly successful project that will change the way people hire and get jobs.

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