How to redeem a coupon in the Wallet to obtain cryptocurrencies

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To redeem your coupon you will also have the option to redeem it easily in the application by following a few simple steps.

Within the “coupon redemption” menu, you will also have access to an option to see all the nearest physical stores where you can redeem your coupons.

First you will need to access the “coupons” button, which is located in the bottom section of the screen next to the “home” button.


When you click on it, the coupon redemption screen will appear where you will need to enter the coupon code.

Make sure to enter the coupon correctly as any mistake could prevent the coupon from being redeemed properly. If the code is not valid, you will be notified so that you can try again. Remember that you have a maximum of 90 days to redeem your coupon.


After entering the coupon code, you will need to select the cryptocurrency you want to receive in exchange. Select the desired cryptocurrency and proceed.

Make sure that the wallet address belongs to the native network of the cryptocurrency you want to receive. For example, to receive Bitcoin, you must have a Bitcoin network address, and if you want to receive USDT, you must have an ERC-20 address.

You will have the option to send your cryptocurrencies to the Bitnovo Wallet or to an external Wallet. You must indicate the option where you prefer to receive your digital assets.

Important: If the selected cryptocurrency requires a memo tag, you will be asked to enter it. Make sure to enter it correctly as any mistake could prevent the transaction from being completed properly.

Before confirming, you will see a screen to confirm the coupon redemption where you can see all the details of the transaction. Make sure to carefully review the selected cryptocurrency, memo tag, destination wallet, and any other important information.

After confirming the redemption, you will receive a successful confirmation with an on-screen notification indicating that the transaction has been completed.

There, in just a few minutes, you will receive the cryptocurrencies in a 100% secure way.

The Bitnovo coupon system is 100% reliable, secure, practical, and transparent.

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