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For many people, including me, Blockchain is the most revolutionary invention after the creation of the internet, but still very few people really know what it is about. That’s why today I recommend you some free blockchain courses that I have found available on the internet and can be useful if you are interested in knowing about this technology.
In general these are introductory courses, for a general public that wants to understand what is blockchain and how it works without having extensive knowledge about cryptography, cryptomonics or programming.
In some cases, upon completion of the course, you will be able to obtain digital certificates that can be added to your profiles on networks such as LinkedIn and that will be very useful for getting a job. Companies and recruiters value users who are constantly updated and strive to learn about the technologies that are changing the world.
I hope that after reviewing the list you will decide to try one out and that more and more of us will push the knowledge about blockchain technology to the rest of the population.

Blockchain Disruption

This free Blockchain course is taught by Federico Ast, who is a professor at the School of Business at the Universidad Austral, Doctor of Business Administration and is also the founder of Kleros.
For those who don’t know what Kleros is about, I tell you that it is an incredibly interesting project in search of changing justice through Blockchain, offering a highly superior model to the one we suffer from today.
This is a 5 week course where you will be offered a wide theoretical and practical overview of the repercussions that blockchain technology has in all areas (legal, economic, political, social, etc.)
Another advantage of this course is that unlike many others, it is available to all Spanish speakers.

Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Udemy offers this free option for those who are looking for a shorter and faster course that summarizes in several videos all the basic knowledge about blockchain. More than 55,000 students have already taken it and it has a rating of 4.3 points out of 5.
This course also provides a brief review of the history of money to the emergence of cryptomonies, before focusing on blockchain technology and its attributes.
The contents are provided by Vizitech Solutions, a fintech company that works with various companies to improve their payment systems. In addition, they are involved in machine learning and NLP techniques to add value to financial services.
As you may have guessed when reading the title, this course is entirely in English.

Blockchain MOOC and crypto-currencies

This free course on blockchain is another recommended course for Spanish speakers, and in this case is taught by the IEBS Digital School. The course will be taught by Carlos Fernandez Rivera, a trainer at IEBS since 2014 and with extensive experience in business development and corporate finance. He is also in charge of teaching the Master in Supply Chain & Technology Operations Management or the Master in Financial Management and Controlling, among others.
The course has a duration of 10 hours distributed over 2 weeks, in which you will learn a little more about how blockchain works and some use cases, including the development of different types of crypto currencies. We will also talk about topics such as mining and companies that have been successful in applying business around Bitcoin.
During this free course you will have access to multimedia content, activities, case studies and if this is not enough, you will get a diploma once you finish the program.

Now it’s your turn to decide to continue exploring the world of Blockchain and crypto currencies and any of these 3 free courses will be an excellent option to do so. From Bitnovo we would love to know that you have done it, since we think it is fundamental that users are educated in order to build a healthier and safer cryptologic environment for everyone.

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