Businesses accepting Bitcoin payments tripled in 2023

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Bitcoin is witnessing a significant rise in its adoption as a payment method in physical stores. This is reflected in the figures provided by BTC Map, which indicate that around 6,000 establishments now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. These data reveal a growth that almost triples the number of businesses from the previous year, when there were only 2,200.

Despite Bitcoin’s detractors pointing out its volatility as a negative aspect, the data demonstrate that this is not hindering its adoption as a payment method. The emergence of new businesses accepting payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seems to be part of a new vision, as confidence in the crypto market continues to expand since its inception.

According to BTC Map, the most significant adoption of Bitcoin is occurring in Latin America, while the lowest adoption is recorded in East Asia, influenced by China’s ban on cryptocurrencies. However, Europe is also experiencing sustained growth in BTC payment adoption.

How does this affect businesses and users?

For cryptocurrency users, the increasing acceptance by businesses is positive news, as it means they have more opportunities to use Bitcoin in their daily lives. On the other hand, for businesses, this represents a benefit by attracting a flow of cryptocurrency enthusiast customers, while positioning themselves as companies at the forefront of technology.

The adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payment method in businesses is driving the growth of the crypto industry, improving the overall understanding of the technology and allowing developers to enhance the infrastructure of mass-use products related to cryptocurrencies, such as payment processors, digital wallets, among others.

Being part of a global economy connected through Bitcoin will be commonplace by 2030.

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