Bitnovo obtains VASP license from DNB in the Netherlands.

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Cryptocurrency service provider Bitnovo has just officially registered as a Virtual Assets Provider (VASP) with the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank, DNB). The company, based in Spain and internationally recognized, will now be able to offer its services for buying and selling digital assets in full compliance with the legislation required by the Dutch regulator.

Aitor Ibarrola, Director of Operations at Bitnovo, highlights that this registration is an important step for the company:

“We are proud of the great work we have done in terms of regulatory compliance; we have obtained authorization from the Bank of the Netherlands. It is a significant achievement considering that even large companies in the sector have not been able to do so. Bitnovo is now able to operate smoothly and comply with local regulations. We continue to work transparently with the aim of facilitating the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies to democratize access for as many people as possible.”

Currently, most companies that have obtained this license as providers of digital asset services (VASP) are located in the Netherlands. However, Bitnovo presents itself as an international option and already has the necessary authorization to offer its services and conduct marketing campaigns specifically targeted at all Dutch residents with full regulatory assurance.

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