Which countries lead the adoption of cryptocurrencies?

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In the last decades the United States and Russia have taken the lead in almost all the technological careers that have arisen in the world, but their performances are not the same when we talk about adoption crypto.

Do you know which countries lead the adoption of cryptocurrencies?

Study that shows the percentage of users who have had or used cryptocurrencies at some time in each country.

A declining financial system and the troubling devaluation of the Lira (its official currency) has fueled the adoption of cryptocurrencies by the Turks. According to the data, 20% of the population owns or has ever used cryptocurrencies.

The high inflation rates of the Real, the various cases of government corruption have favored the fall of the banking system, which is why Brazilians have chosen to choose cryptocurrencies as a store of value. 18% percent of them answered affirmatively in the survey.

The case of Colombia is a bit curious since it is not a country that has inflation problems, however in recent years it has received thousands of Venezuelans who escape in search of better opportunities and are aware of this problem and at the same time the Government has shown to have a positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies. A survey by Paxful shows that 87% at least know what a cryptocurrency is.

With an average inflation of 50% every year, an economy in constant crisis and an exchange trap that limits the purchase of foreign currency, Argentines have no other option than to resort to cryptocurrencies to safeguard their money.

As one analyzes the realities of the countries that lead this ranking, one notices that there is a direct relationship between economic / monetary problems and the adoption of cryptocurrencies, which leads citizens to exchange the local currency for crypto. But the reality is not so diverse in Spain, where the population is increasingly resorting to buying cryptocurrencies with euros.

It is true that for the vast majority of Spaniards it still seems unnecessary, since a large part of the population has bank, paypal, bizum or similar accounts and there is no real need for the daily use of technology. But this does not prevent the country from having climbed to position number 10 in the ranking and that the habit of buying cryptocurrencies with euros in Spain is increasingly a reality than a distant dream.

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