What is Young Platform PRO and how does it work?

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f you’ve come here, you’ve probably heard of YNG Cryptology or the Young Platform and are wondering what it is and whether it’s a secure platform. Today we will reveal what Young Platform PRO is and how it works.

Young Platform PRO is a new Italian exchange that this month will be launched by the company Young, a startup founded in 2018, with offices in Turin and London, and which has already raised more than 1.5 million euros in funding, reaching a valuation of 10 million euros.

The Italian fintech, already known for launching Stepdrop and the Young Platform exchange entry level, has now dedicated itself to its new project, Young Platform PRO, the version for professionals and experienced traders who already use Young Platform.

Young already has more than 200,000 users, a milestone reached also thanks to the partnerships that the company has recently established with some of the most important international companies in the blockchain universe. These include: MakerDAO, Paxos, Modulus, Onfido, CipherTrace and Netech, as well as two Italian banks.

What is Young Platform and how does it work?

Young Platform is an intuitive, secure and fast exchange, where users can buy the main crypto currencies on the market in just a few clicks. Thanks to the Stepdrop application, available in both web and mobile versions, even inexperienced users can approach the world of cryptos and blockchains.

Stepdrop is an App, available for both iOS and Android, that allows you to win the crypto currency of the same exchange (YOUNG) in different ways.

Let’s discover it together:

  • Walking: First, you can win Young (YNG) simply by walking. This means that the steps that users take throughout the day can be converted into YNG tokens:
  • Viewing Video Ads: Another method to get Young tokens is to monetize by viewing video ads (you get 0.1 Yng);
  • Participating in a ranking: this is a weekly ranking in which users who manage to redeem the youngest (the top 10) win tokens;
  • Learning: reading articles from the YOUNG Platform Academy, about the world of cryptos and blockchain, and completing the related questionnaires, is another very interesting way to win YNG tokens.

The way to get free tokens by playing was conceived by Young’s founders as a stimulus that would push users to get to know the world of crypto. One of the missions of the Italian startup is to educate people about digital finance for free. In fact, in the Stepdrop application and on the website, you can find dedicated articles and videos.

Although the product is very innovative and interesting for crypto coin lovers, there are some disadvantages.

Currently, the platform is only available in Italy, it does not support other international currencies, it does not allow to buy or sell crypto currencies directly.

What is the YOUNG (YNG) crypto currency?

The YNG cryptomoney is a utility token that performs a number of functions within the Young product ecosystem.

It can be used for:

  • Obtain discounts on sales commissions in the Young Platform exchange.
  • Buy products, get discounts and buy gift cards at Stepdrop Marketplace.

The Young crypto currency has not yet landed on the market and Stepdrop is the preparatory tool for its launch at the exchange.

 What is Young Platform PRO?

As mentioned above, Young Platform PRO is the exchange that allows more experienced users to exchange crypto currencies.

Its mission is to democratize access to new finance by removing the commission barrier.

It is a new way of trading, transparent and affordable for everyone.

Recently, the Italian startup has already launched its “Crypto Made Free” waiting list, thanks to which users will be able to win a zero-rate account forever and an accumulated prize of 20,000 euros in Bitcoin.

The more people invited to the waiting list through the dedicated link, the more tickets they can redeem to win a share of the 20,000 Euro accumulated prize.

In addition to the main crypto currencies, 15 new tokens will also be available on the new PRO platform, many of which are linked to DeFi (Decentralized Finance), a phenomenon that has been gaining ground in the blockchain universe in recent months.

To date, the new PRO platform has already collected over 80,000 records, proving that the Italian cryptographic community is much larger than one might think.

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