What is Wagmi and 20 other typical expressions from the crypto world?

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The world of cryptocurrencies is expanding every day and, with it, the development of a specific vocabulary created by the users that inhabit the crypto community is also expanding.

The biggest interactions and samples of this strange and funny vocabulary are made in social networks such as Reddit, Twitter or Discord, since these networks facilitate a more fluid interaction and, most importantly, in real time. In this post we will see some of the most frequent expressions you can find in the cryptomundo.

Crypto vocabulary: the best expressions

What is WAGMI?

Wagmi was one of the most popularized words in the cryptocurrency world. The meaning of WAGMI comes from its acronym, which in Spanish means “Todos vamos a lograrlo” (We are all going to make it). This expression is often used in social networks to share good news.

To understand it better, let’s take an example; a group of users has just bought NFTs in their launch stage. Two weeks later the NFT starts to appreciate in value. The users who have bought the NFT will be able to share their profits with the word “WAGMI”.

Example: How cool to be part of this project with so many talented people! #WAGMI

What is Bull Run?

In the world of cryptocurrencies, Bull Run is an expression that refers to a certain period of time in which we see a high presence of investments on a certain asset such as Bitcoin. These investments lead to an increase in demand and with it the accelerated price rise.

Ex: “All cryptocurrencies are going up, I think we are in the presence of a bull run”.


What is FOMO?

This term refers to the phrase “Fear of Missing Out“. It is often used when investors start buying a particular asset based on their expectations that its value will increase. Market participants can easily flock to a particular asset if that asset increases significantly in terms of earnings.

It should be noted that getting caught in this phase can be quite risky. When we buy an asset that has recently experienced a rise we can experience market manipulation and get trapped with numerous losses.

Ex: I have invested in this project because of the FOMO it has generated, I do not want to be left out.

What is “To the Moon”?

In cryptocurrency jargon, this expression refers to the fact that the project has a high degree of confidence in its future. Usually, the word “Moon” is added to the end of the cryptocurrency on which such expectations are based. It became more popular at the end of 2017 when many users began to discover the world of cryptocurrencies.

Ex: Tesla will accept ETH. Ethereum TO THE MOON!

What is FUD?

It stands for “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt“. It is used to refer to a set of negative news and information that aims to generate downward pressure on a given cryptocurrency, or the market in general.

Ex: Don’t be a victim of momentary FUD, think long term.

What is Scam?

Scams are swindles that appear to be great projects, but vanish with the investment of many users causing them numerous losses. These scams are not only projects, they can also be carried out through e-mails to steal our passwords, fake exchanges where we deposit our assets, etcetera.

Ex: That project promises gigantic profits with minimum effort, I think it is a SCAM.

What is ATH?

This acronym is an abbreviation of the phrase “All time High“. This phrase refers to the highest point that the value of a given cryptocurrency has reached. To get an idea, Bitcoin’s ATH is currently at $68,789.63.

Ex: Bitcoin has once again reached its ATH! 100,000 dollars per BTC.

What is Pump and Dump?

This is a phrase that is based on making the value of a cryptocurrency rise rapidly. This is achieved through masses of users buying a certain asset so that more users do so and thus achieve a rise. In this way those who have started pump will be able to benefit in a short period of time by selling the cryptocurrency as soon as it reaches the profitability they expected. It should be noted that this strategy is illegal in regulated markets but very common in the crypto world.

Ex: That new memecoin is a scam. Look at all the pumps and dumps on their chart.


What is Whales?

In English, whales. This is how they are called to those users who have a large amount of a particular cryptocurrency. These users have a great capacity to influence the value of the same when they decide to buy or sell, since they can cause falls or rises with a simple movement.

Ex: Many whales have sold and caused the price of Solana to plummet!

What is Weak hands?

This refers to those users who sell on impulse at the slightest drop they see in the market and are not able to maintain their investment for fear of losing even more.

Ex: I have seen many weak hands selling everything when the price of Bitcoin drops sharply.

What is HODLING?

This word simply means to keep the investment made. Its translation from English is erroneous, as it refers to a bitcointalk.org user’s post that went viral. It should be noted that this acronym also refers to Hold On for Dear Life.

Ex: I will not sell my BTC! #HODLING


What is Bagholder?

In the crypto world, this word refers to a person who buys and holds cryptocurrencies in large quantities with the goal of making a profit in the future.

Ex: I believe in this project, that’s why I am a bagholder.

What is DYOR? 

It is another typical expression in the crypto world and it is the acronym for the phrase “Do your own research“. It refers to do our own research. This phrase is very common in forums, especially for newbies or to warn users before participating in ICOs.

Ex: I will not tell you whether to invest or not, DYOR.

What is REKT?

It is a term referring to the word “wrecked”, originating from a user’s misspelling, which means ‘ruined’ and refers to when an investor has lost all their money due to changes in the price of a cryptoasset.

Ex: The price of Shiba Inu does not stop falling! #REKT


What is RSI?

This is the acronym for the phrase “Relative Strength Index“. In English it is the Relative Strength Index. This measure is used to gauge whether a cryptocurrency is overbought or oversold.

Ex: According to the RSI, it is not advisable to buy Ripple.


What is “Lambo”?

This expression typical of the cryptocurrency world is used in the same way as “Moon“. We can find it frequently in cryptocurrency forums when we are in a bull market and it refers to Lamborghini cars (symbol of someone who has become a millionaire).

Ex: Bitcoin is up 40% in 3 days! #LAMBO.

What is Hype?

It refers to creating high expectations regarding a cryptocurrency through promises, possible deals, events and positive news that aim to generate upward pressure on an asset.

Ex: I don’t think it’s a good project, there’s just a lot of hype around it.


What is AMA?

They stand for the phrase “Ask Me Anything“. AMAs are events held on social networks led by a public figure who will be available on that platform for a period of time.

Ex: Bitnovo will conduct an AMA to answer questions about its cryptocurrency coupons.

What is ANN?

Refers to announcement. This word originates from the famous Bitcointalk forum and refers to “Announcement“. It is also used in other forums and social networks to head a post describing a new cryptocurrency, platform, project or ICO.

Ex: ANN: New lending protocol on Terra.


What is BTFD?

It stands for the phrase “Buy The Fucking Dip” refers to the fact that in the notorious downturns where most users decide to sell for fear of losses, it is the best time to buy in order to earn in the future.

Ex: Stop complaining about the Bitcoin price drop and BTFD!

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