What is Proof of Humanity (PoH)? The anti robot system

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Remember the movie I, Robot? It’s a bit of an oldie, but one that makes it easy for us to see what it’s like to have robots as the main workforce of our species. Mostly, we are drawn to the teaching it leaves behind about our humanity and the importance of our identity. 

Although at present, robots are not that sophisticated, it would not be strange to think that in the future they will develop a highly advanced artificial intelligence that will surpass us, by far, in some activities.

Also, beyond investigative purposes, forms of artificial intelligence or programmable mechanisms have been used to duplicate an identity, which is worrying for our security.

Several solutions have been developed (captchas), but there is no doubt that there is still a long way to go to protect humanity from the advance of technology. Therefore, a digital identity test to certify that we are human would be a good initiative.

Indeed, it is and it is for this reason that we will talk about Proof of Humanity, an ingenious identity verification system in Ethereum.

What is Proof of Humanity? PoH

PProof of Humanity, or Proof of Identity, is a humanity or social identity verification system for humans developed on the Ethereum blockchain with collaboration from Kleros and Democracy Earth.

According to them, it is a system and a dApp that combines social verification with the sending of videos or images to create a list/registry of verified human identities and therefore resistant to Sybil attacks.

In Sybil attacks, an attacker can contaminate a distributed system by creating a large number of identities that appear to be independent and use them to gain disproportionate influence, alter routes or modify redundantly stored content.

Therefore, Proof of Humanity aims to create this public registry so that it can be used in a variety of existing and new applications that need identity solutions.

Qué es Proof of Humanity stake

What would be their uses?

According to Kleros, there are many useful cases for the use of the humanity test and today I will tell you about some of the most interesting ones:

UBI or Universal Basic Income

Universal basic income is a periodic payment program developed by Democracy Earth and Kleros. This income is given to all people in a population on the sole condition that they prove they are human.

Through the test of humanity (PoH), a universal and fair distribution can be realized. The only condition is to be registered as a verified human. 

If you have demonstrated that you are human, the project will reward you with 1 UBI token per hour. 

This is something we could take advantage of, since even Emanuel “Manu” Ginobili, former Argentine basketball player, was encouraged to register on the proof of humanity platform on April 21 of this year to receive his UBIs.

Universal identifiers and sovereign identities

Through PoH, the accounts associated with it can be a universal login method.

For this reason, it would not be necessary, in any app or dApps, to enter our data every time we want to log in. On the contrary, users could be recognized quickly without the need to register.

Certification systems and reputation

With PoH, if they wish to review our information to find out, for example, our titles or our credit rating, they can do so quickly through the data we provide to the platform. 

Therefore, instead of requiring extensive paperwork, from a first glance at a badge on our individual profile, they would be able to tell.

Side chains secured by PoH consensus

Side chains could be secured by proof of identity with the principle that 1 person equals 1 vote. Consequently, it assumes an honest majority of humans contributing to dispute resolution.

In this case, it would work similarly to PoA or authority testing, which is based on the reputation of the validators.

How can I become part of Proof of Humanity?

To be part of the list, you must be registered on the Proof of Humanity (PoH) platform. This can also be done by going to the Proof of Humanity app with your Ethereum address at hand.

Then, as we can see in the image below, your profile will go through certain phases:

    1. Sending data (Submitted).
    2. Guarantee phase where you expect a guarantee that the payment for the registration has been made (Vouching phase).
    3. Challenge, where users can question the validity of your profile through Kleros.
    4. Officially Registered.
    5. Pending deletion, if after one year you do not renew your account.
Qué es Proof of Humanity

Our journey through the world of science fiction and cryptos has come to an end. But don’t worry, because our uphill battle against robots and artificial intelligences continues, as do the interesting crypto projects. 

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