What is CoinMarketCap Earn?

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CoinMarketCap now pays users to be educated about cryptos through CoinMarketCap Earn.

We all know how difficult it was and is to learn about cryptos, especially when you are just starting out and don’t know where to find quality information. That’s one of the reasons why Bitnovo and this blog exist, to help people take their first steps in the crypto world.

But it is also true that we are not the only ones who contribute to improve crypto education, and CoinMarketCap Earn is one of those ideas that gives us pleasure to highlight.

If you want to know what is CoinMarketCap Earn, we tell you that it is a platform that encourages education, paying users to be educated about cryptology. Yes, it not only educates you, but also pays you to do it.

So, if you want to continue improving your knowledge, or simply want to recommend this site to a friend, this is the best article you can share.

What is CoinMarketCap?

CoinMarketCap is a website where you can find statistical data on all cryptos and tokens in circulation, and where you can check among other things how many cryptos exist today.

It is one of the most visited sites by investors and traders of digital currencies since it has a very good organization. You will be able to see the current ranking of crypto currencies, their prices and market capitalizations.

It is a great tool that also serves to analyze historical data on the performance of each currency, the recommended exchanges to buy each crypt and the main links to each project.

This same platform has now developed CoinMarketCap Earn, which will deliver rewards to all those who want to learn more about cryptos. For example, it offers up to $160,000 in BAND tokens to complete questionnaires and educational videos about cryptos.

Official portal sources said that “by providing a platform to educate CoinMarketCap users about crypto, CoinMarketCap Earn can increase the breadth of knowledge about the crypto industry, supporting the goal of showcasing the crypto revolution every step of the way.

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How does CoinMarketCap Earn work?

There are different projects that apply to tell about their operations during a certain time and pay the users who take that “mini course”. At this time, you can learn about Terra (Luna), Kava.io (KAVA) or Band Protocol (BAND).

Let’s take this last one as an example:

In the first campaign there are 3 video lessons that explain the structure of the Band Protocol:

– What is the Band Protocol?

– How do the Band Protocol oracles work?

– What is the BAND token?

When the videos are finished, the participants have to take a practice test in which they have to enter their BAND wallet and a note.

Then comes the test, as if you were a student in the final stages of college. Fortunately, there are only 10 questions with 4 options to choose from for each answer.

Once the exam is over, users will have to wait for the result and the subsequent arrival of the cryptos to their wallet.

Currently, it is not possible to quantify how much the reward amounts to, but what is certain is that for questionnaires or videos about BAND, a common fund is offered that reaches $160,000.

How to participate in CoinMarketCap Earn

Now we will summarize in some steps how is the process to participate in CoinMarketCap Earn:

1- Create your account

The first step is to create an account on the CoinMarketCap platform and go to the product “Earn” where you can see the currently active campaigns.

Each of these campaigns has a duration of eight days and all users who successfully complete the questionnaires will receive an “x” amount of the chosen crypto.

2- Select the campaign you like best

Whether it’s Band Protocol, Terra, Kava or anything else that adds up in the next few weeks.

When you choose, the video lessons will begin. Be sure to watch them and pay attention as they will contain the answers to the questions in the subsequent questionnaire.

3- Enjoy the rewards!

Once you pass the quiz you will not only have gained knowledge, but you will also be able to crypt interesting future projects that will go straight into your wallet.

Keep in mind

It is worth clarifying that users will only be able to participate once in each project and there is a list of countries from which unfortunately, they will not be able to participate, they are

– Belarus

– Republic of the Congo

– Cuba

– Iraq

– Mainland China

– North Korea

– Sudan

– Syria

– United States

– Zimbabwe

So, if your country is not on this list, you can start earning crypts by learning about crypts and blockchain with CoinMarketCap Earn.

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