What is a Crypto Launchpad?

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As we already know, new projects are born every day in the cryptocurrency industry. Those investors who know how to recognize a good project from its birth are usually the ones who benefit the most from them. That is why there are crypto startup platforms where investors can launch early-stage projects and boost them.

The number of existing cryptocurrencies is increasing every day. To get an idea, in November 2021, Statista, a consumer behavior research platform confirmed that there were more than 7500 cryptocurrencies on the market. However, just as the use of cryptocurrencies has increased, so has the rise of crypto scams. According to another study by The Independent, cryptocurrency scams have increased by more than 30% in 2021 compared to the previous year. A trusted crypto startup platform helps to avoid these scams, due to the fact that they allow finding early-age projects with the corresponding audits and reviews.

In this post we will tell you all about what Crypto Launchpads are and how they work. In addition, we will tell you which are some of the best known ones and what makes them so special.

What do Crypto Launchpads offer?

As we have already mentioned above, the cryptocurrency industry is expanding more and more, and numerous projects rely on the decentralized world to succeed in raising the necessary capital for their projects. In 2021, a large number of newly launched cryptocurrency startup platforms began to present themselves.

Cryptocurrency launch pads are also known as cryptocurrency incubators. These platforms allow blockchain-based projects to raise the necessary capital while providing access to early-stage token sales for a certain group of investors. 

Gaining access to early stage sales translates into achieving a “discounted” price for investors prior to public market launch. It is worth noting that the cost of launching on a crypto launch pad is low or close to zero, which is why more and more projects are turning to launch pads to raise funds.


Launching a project with the help of a launch pad offers security to both founders and investors. The most well-known and trusted cryptocurrency launch pads have a rigorous vetting process for new projects, while a third party usually performs a KYC or “know your customer” process as part of the verification of new users.

On top of that, launching the project through a launch pad gives new founders access to a community of crypto-investors and enthusiasts who will always be willing to explore new possibilities.


Why use Crypto Launchpads?

These cryptocurrency launch pads function as a bridge between investors and startups. Such startups gain access to the fund required to start project development and, on the other hand, early investors gain access to beneficial deals in the initial stage of the project. In the following we will see both parts better explained.


    • Project. When developers launch their projects through a launch pad, the founders of the project get what they need, which is, in this case, seed capital to move the project forward. In addition, a launch pad provides exposure to a project by getting it in front of a massive community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
    • Investors. On the other hand, we find investors. Early investors, usually found with venture capital deals, often get tokens for a much better price compared to the price when the token is released for sale to the public market. A case in point is the CryoWar (P2E game) deal at BullStarter. After its launch, the price of its CWAR token skyrocketed, managing to reach more than 120 times its value from the initial rate.

Best Crypto Launchpad platforms

Although it would be impossible to list all the Crypto Launchpads platforms that exist, there are some leading platforms that stand out in this sector. Below we will take a look at some of them and their best features.



BullPerks is a decentralized VC and multi-chain cryptocurrency release platform. Such platform is mostly known for offering a transparent and dedicated approach to its community.

The founders of BullPerks are recognized speakers, entrepreneurs and advisors of multiple large and fast-growing projects. The platform’s development and marketing team has many years of experience in developing, promoting and expanding a large number of technology and cryptocurrency related startups.

BullPerks is focused on meeting the needs of its community. It achieves this by offering a secure launch pad for projects and great investment opportunities for investors. BullStarter has a fully decentralized nature that offers a transparent 6-tier system, with the goal of providing each investor with a fair share of allocations.



BSCPad is about the first startup platform based on the BSC Network. The protocol presented by this platform is fully decentralized and helps projects based on blockchain technology with fundraising, token distribution and increased liquidity.

BSCPad stands out from other launch pads due to its well-known “two-round allocation model”. This model offers a guaranteed tiered allocation. This model consists of investors being able to buy in the first round, while what is left over from the round will be sold in a FCFS or First Come First Serve model, among other BSCPad users who are part of the second round.

It should be noted that the platform has its own native token with which the platform operates. This token is BSCPad. The more tokens a user bets, the more level and allocation he/she will be assigned.



DuckSTARTER is a decentralized crypto startup platform aimed at launching blockchain-based projects in front of a large community of investors.

This is DuckDAO’s native platform and both operate under the same token, DUCK. This native token is compatible with Ethereum and BSC Networks and is also a key ingredient for operating within the platform, including upgrading levels.

When a team passes the platform vetting process, DuckSTARTER will support them with marketing and professional advice for solid, organic growth.

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