SYA Group Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments in Collaboration with Bitnovo Pay

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We recently announced a collaboration with SYA Group (SYA Motors and SYA Bikes) that enables this industry-leading company to accept cryptocurrency payments using Bitnovo Pay. This step is not only a leap into the future for car and cycling enthusiasts in Spain, but also represents a new chapter in how cryptocurrencies are integrated into our everyday lives.

Designed to fit any business, both online and physical, Bitnovo Pay is the perfect solution for those looking to integrate cryptocurrency payments efficiently and securely. Now, SYA Group customers can enjoy greater flexibility and security when making their purchases, leveraging the efficiency and innovation that cryptocurrencies offer.

Bitnovo: Hassle-Free Adaptation

At Bitnovo, we facilitate the journey towards the digital economy by offering a safe and simple way to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies. With Bitnovo Pay, we extend this ease to the world of payments, enabling innovative companies like SYA Group to accept cryptocurrencies.

For over three decades, SYA Motors has set the standard in vehicle purchase, sale, and maintenance with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service. Similarly, SYA Bikes has become a benchmark for those seeking high-quality bicycles and an active lifestyle. Both share our values of innovation, quality, and personalized attention, making this partnership a natural alliance.

We continue to take steps towards the future, paving a way in which cryptocurrencies become an integral part of our daily transactions. This collaboration with SYA Group is not just an achievement for us at Bitnovo, but a progression for all our customers and the crypto community in Spain.

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