RE/MAX Property accepts payments in Bitcoin

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A few days ago it was announced that RE/MAX Property accepts payments in Bitcoin. Although little by little the Italian public is opening its horizons to this alternative form of payment, there are still few companies that have decided to adopt cryptocurrencies.

In fact, according to a study conducted in 2019 by the company Kaspersky Lab, Italy is a territory still unexplored because consumers are still wary of adopting cryptocurrencies.

According to the report, just over 30% of Italians have heard of and know what cryptocurrencies are. However, only one in 10 people know how it works and more than 80% of Italians have never bought cryptocurrencies.

This indicates that, despite the fact that Bitcoin is an asset now known by many people around the world and that it is also making its way in online stores and retail as a payment method, in Italy it seems that its adoption still struggles to arrive and it will take a little more time before we see a broad acceptance.

Increase the number of businesses that accept bitcoin as a payment method

Despite the still not very encouraging numbers, the good news is that in the ‘BelPaese‘ the number of ATMs that supply cryptocurrencies is increasing, which today would amount to 59.

At the same time, there is a significant increase in commercial activities that are beginning to adopt Bitcoin as an alternative payment system, alongside the Euro.

One of the most comforting examples is that of real estate RE/MAX Property, based in Rome, which recently announced that it has begun to accept the cryptocurrency for its services, thus allowing its customers to pay with BTC.

RE/MAX is the American international real estate company that operates through a franchise system and is also the first property rental company to accept bitcoin as a payment method.

But the Roman agency is just one of the many RE/MAX agencies around the world to be part of a pilot project that aims to offer customers one of the most innovative forms of payment that, in some countries of the world, is particularly in vogue.

In 2018 the London office of RE/MAX, which manages several hundred properties, mainly in central London, already announced that it would accept bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin as payment for property rentals through a partnership with the Gocoin processor.

We have been working with commitment for over twenty years, always attentive to all the needs of our customers and, also in this case, we facilitate real estate operations with technological and financial support in line with the times”, declared Gianluca De Pascale, CEO of the company in a press release to Cointelegraph.

It therefore seems that bitcoin is destined to revolutionize the real estate sector, and the choice of RE/MAX has already aroused the interest of many other competitors that are showing willingness to give this opportunity to their customers, helping to expand the adoption of what is now considered the money of the future.

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