Now you can buy cryptocurrencies at over 700 Cepsa gas stations with Bitnovo.

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Now, you can acquire cryptocurrencies at more than 700 Cepsa gas station chains through our Bitnovo vouchers. This initiative is a clear reflection of our commitment to facilitate access to cryptocurrencies in the daily lives of people.

Buying cryptocurrencies at Cepsa gas stations is extremely simple. Whether with cash or card, you purchase a Bitnovo voucher and redeem it for cryptocurrencies directly from your account on our website or app, following an intuitive and secure process. This new method is not only practical but also brings the crypto world into your day-to-day life in an accessible and reliable way.

But, how does this alliance fit into the crypto landscape of Spain? Cryptocurrencies are gaining ground in various areas of the lives of Spaniards, showing a trend towards their mass adoption. Some of the most notable use cases in our country include:

– Payments and Transfers: Cryptocurrencies are used to make international payments and transfers, offering an effective alternative to traditional banking systems and eliminating intermediaries.
Investment: Many choose to invest in cryptocurrencies as digital assets, seeking benefits through speculation on their prices.
– Purchase of goods and services: An increasing number of online merchants and services accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, allowing for faster and safer transactions.
– Remittances: Cryptocurrencies offer an efficient and economical tool for sending remittances, reducing costs and transaction time.
Preservation of Value: Faced with inflation or devaluation of the local currency, some prefer to maintain their wealth in cryptocurrencies to preserve its value.

This collaboration between Bitnovo and Cepsa offers a new way to buy cryptocurrencies and promotes crypto adoption in Spain. At Bitnovo, our mission is to facilitate access to the purchase, sale, and exchange of cryptocurrencies in an easy and simple manner. In this sense, Spain continues to be fertile ground for innovation in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and we are proud to lead the way.

We invite you to be part of this new stage, where buying cryptocurrencies is easier and more accessible than ever. Discover today how at your nearest Cepsa gas station!

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