How to use swap in Bitnovo

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Swapping cryptocurrencies on Bitnovo’s platform is a very simple process.

First of all, in order to trade crypto and make exchanges it is important that you have first validated your account and verified your identity.

To make a swap you must log in to your Bitnovo account and on the main dashboard click the “buy” button on the cryptocurrency you wish to exchange or swap.

In this case we will use Bitcoin as an example.
If you click on “buy” you will see the following menu with the options to buy cryptocurrencies, sell or “swap”, so you will have to click on swap to go to that option.

In the “swap” option you can make exchanges between different cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum for Bitcoin.

Once you have defined the amounts you want to exchange, click on the “continue” button that you can see in the image above and there you will have to enter your wallet address where you want to receive the funds.

You will have to confirm details and commissions of the transaction and if successful, it will appear that the transaction was detected and will arrive in a few minutes to your wallet. If the transaction is not detected, you will be able to perform it again.

At Bitnovo, swaps are an extremely simple and practical process.

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