How to sell Bitcoin

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how to buy and sell bitcoin

If you decide to buy a cryptocurrency, first you should know that blockchain-based digital currencies normally experience ups and downs which you can see in their history the some prices that seem that the currency fell to the ground and then rise to the moon.

For that reason before To buy or sell any cryptocurrency you must have a minimum knowledge before investing and losing all your investment as it is a cryptocurrency since this would be what you would start to sell or buy because a cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses a cryptography to ensure and verify transactions then why invest in them.

Well, as time goes by, we realize that these coins have a price that is very volatile, this means that if we invest in this cryptocurrency at a point where its price is low and we have it saved for a while, we can have profits for having invested in this currency.

Since there are a large number of cryptocurrencies that are born daily, it may not be the best idea to invest in them without first knowing their history and what projects they have, but since the point is bitcoin, the best-known cryptocurrency is totally safe to invest in it always keeping in mind Realize that there are times to buy and to sell.

There are two main ways to buy or sell the cryptocurrency named Bitcoin, either directly using a credit / debit card or with a bank transfer, or you can exchange it for other cryptocurrencies on different platforms that allow cryptocurrency trading. Buying it directly with a fiat currency is the easiest way, but not all platforms have this ability since through the exchange you can lose a part due to the handling fees that the different platforms have

Bitcoin can be bought or sold in many markets or on its own page, one of these markets is Bitnovo and to buy it is quite easy.

All you need to do is enter here and select how much you want to buy by entering the amount in euros you want to buy in this cryptocurrency, then select BTC that is found in a large number of other cryptocurrencies that you can also buy on our page and then you click the buy button.

Doing this will take you to another page where you will fill in some data that is to link your wallet where the cryptos will be deposited then you will have to enter your Tag payment, telephone and email.

Followed by this you will have to select the payment method which you can select whether to pay in cryptocurrencies, credit / debit card or with a bank transfer, you have to solve a capatcha and press the button to continue and that’s it.

 When your transaction is completed, the amount of cryptos you specified will be automatically sent to the wallet that you specified, if there is a problem, the communication channels you provided will be used, which would be your cell phone or email

How easy is it to sell Bitcoin?

Selling bitcoins is very easy since to sell it you only have to have it in a virtual wallet which you will add to a cryptocurrency trading platform and you can trade them with other users or sell them directly on the platform

what you could say is easy to sell bitcoins with the platforms that facilitate trading with the push of a button you can sell your bitcoins

que es un faucet de bitcoin Bitnovo

How long does it take to sell Bitcoin?

The time is up to you because you decide how much to earn, then save your bitcoin for months to earn a large amount or you can sell it the same day as soon as you see that the currency has risen in price to earn a decent amount but not as much as if you keep it longer

Because bitcoin, being a cryptocurrency, is volatile and may be at 10,100 in the morning and then at 12,070 in the afternoon, but this is subject to many changes that may or may not happen, as it can decline from being at 10,100 to costing 9,800.

The only thing that decides how long it takes to sell a bitcoin rests on your own to decide because you can decide to sell it at a high price that will take weeks or months depending on how the market is or you can sell it immediately as soon as its price rises a little

how to sell bitcoin for cash

Most platforms have a way of transforming your bitcoins into real money, either by trading them with other users, who through a transaction will exchange an amount of bitcoin for money.

Everyone can choose this, but it requires some security steps so that There is no risk for either the seller or the buyer on some pages they do not charge any fee to encourage new users to sell their bitcoins and bring more users to that community

There are also some platforms that make it easier for you to exchange bitcoins for money but they charge you a fee to generate more confidence in their users who want to sell the bitcoins they have earned throughout the year in a more secure and managed sale by part of the platform and not a trade between users that could generate some kind of mistrust