How to mine Ripple (XRP)

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Can Ripple (XRP) be mined?

Ripple (XRP), so far the fourth largest cryptocurrency in the world, it is defined by the creator company as a “digital asset built for global payments“, since Ripple allows shipment of large amounts of money safely, quickly and cheaply.

Also known as Ripple Protocol o Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTP), Ripple is a public register created in 2012 by Chris Larsen and Jed Mccaleb in order to encourage exchanges, payments and remittances without the participation of third parties.

For this and for all its peculiarities and features, which make it one of the most interesting crypto on which to invest, every day more and more crypto-lovers are interested in getting their own tokens and many of our followers ask us How to mine the Ripple?

But before we answer that question, we should ask ourselves, Is it possible to mine Ripple like other digital coins?

Well, if you didn’t know, the XRP tokens were created from the beginning and, according to the policy of Ripple Labs, there will be only 100 billion XRP. So, unlike other cryptocurrencies,, it is not possible to mine RippleThere are currently around 45 billion coins in circulation.

Only if necessary, Ripple Labs will be able to increase the issuance of tokens that, basically, are intended to complete payments and commercial transactions on RippleNet.

7 Ways to Get Ripple (XRP) for FREE in 2021

As you can see, unfortunately, it is not possible to mine Ripple, but don’t lose hope!
In this paragraph I will reveal to you the
7 Ways to Get Ripple (XRP) for FREE in 2021.

Websites where you can get XRP for free

1. AdXRP

This platform offers pay-per-click and pay-per-navigation advertising services that act as organizer between buyers and advertisers.
Members win through direct or indirect references.

You can browse about 100 websites per day and earn about 0.0018 XRP per site by clicking on them ( you’ll have to stay on each site for at least 120 seconds). Adxrp will pay your XRP directly to your wallet.

To get your free ripples, you can register an account on this platform that rewards you for performing micro tasks like:
– Survey
– Partner Offers
– Play games
– Watch video
– Mining cryptocurrencies with your PC
– Getting Referrals to the Platform
Once you have completed one of the list tasks, you will earn points that you can exchange for XRP tokens.


Like Idle Empire, Earncrypto is a micro-activity-based platform that allows users to earn free ripples (and more than 50 types of cryptocurrencies) by performing tasks such as surveys, games, watching videos, etc.

It is a cloud mining that operates since 2013 and has excellent reviews. Just sign up and start winning FREE XRP.

Blockreward is an application that allows you to win XRP in the following ways:
Completing daily missions
By completing partner offers
Watching videos
Trying new applications and games
Responding to surveys

In addition, every Friday it launches the #Freecryptofriday promotion, where a promotional code is shared on Twitter that can be exchanged for free cryptocurrencies.

Ripple faucets where to win free XRP

Launched in October 2017, it is one of the first and most famous faucets of XRP. On this platform you can get your free XRP hourly just by completing the captcha and clicking on the button or even inviting your friends to get free XRP coins hourly.

The XCOLANDER website provides faucets for XRP and a wide range of other faucets (TRX, XLM, ETH, BTC).

The faucet is characterized by activities such as lottery and betting and can be claimed every 15 minutes, with XRP rewards ranging from 0.00155263 XRP to 1552.63000000 XRP.


Another way of obtaining your XRP, is buying this token on a trusted cryptocurrency trading platform.

Well, if you want yours XRP quickly and safely Bitnovo makes it easy for you!

Buy them in more than 40,000 physical stores across Europe or on its online platform and take advantage of the multiple payment methods that Bitnovo makes available to you.

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