How to make money with Bitcoin? 3 ways

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We all want to earn money, easy, fast and lying on the beach while having a Daikiri with the Bahamian sun tanning our chest. We do not promise all that but at least we will tell you how to make money with Bitcoin in 3 different ways.

3 different ways to make money with Bitcoin

1- Bitcoin loans
Is it possible to lend Bitcoin and get an interest in return? Yes, but to enter the world of loans it is necessary to be very clear and thoroughly investigate which platforms we are going to operate on since we will put our bitcoins in the hands of a third party and we need to trust it 100%. This is a valid alternative to make sure that your assets do not remain immobile, but it also carries a level of risk that you must consider.

2- Trading
In addition to lending your bitcoins, you can also trade them against other cryptocurrencies (you will be surprised how many cryptocurrencies exist today). Thus, you can take advantage of the rise or fall in the price of a crypto such as Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple to buy and sell your Bitcoins and generate income.

3- Hold
This is the most popular technique in the history of Bitcoin, as it does not carry minimal risk and has brought unimaginable gains to thousands of users. We have also talked about what hold is in a previous article, where we explained that this term refers to the action of keeping your Bitcoins in a safe place waiting for their price to rise (something that happens in most cases).

ganar dinero con bitcoin Bitnovo

Now it will be you who decides the appropriate way to manage your Bitcoins since you are the one who really knows what your needs and urgencies are at this time. This article only tries to show a clearer picture of the available options and we will surely expand it with more alternatives in the next posts.

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