How to find your seed phrase in Bitnovo Crypto Wallet?

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The seed phrase is the most important element when it comes to the security of your cryptocurrencies and that is why it is vital that you know everything about it.

This set of 12 or 24 words, which you receive once you create a new wallet, makes you the absolute owner of the funds in that wallet.

If you lose the seed phrase and do not have access to your wallet, you lose access to your funds forever.

Now let’s imagine that you have the Bitnovo Crypto Wallet app, but you have lost the seed phrase you had written down and despair invades your body. You blame yourself, your mother, Karim Benzema and even your dog.

In the midst of the chaos, you find this Bitnovo blog post that will show a small light at the end of the tunnel. A small chance for you to once again become the owner of that $150 million in cryptocurrencies you’ve worked so hard to save.

Follow me, I will help you recover them.

Step by step to access your seed phrase

If you have lost access to the seed phrase of your Bitnovo Crypto Wallet, you can access it by following these simple steps:

1- Relax and open the app.

2- Go to the “Configuration” section and click on “Backup“.

3- Enter the PIN of your wallet and access again the 12 words that make up your seed phrase!

4- Done. But this time, before writing down the words again, read these 5 tips to save your seed phrase.


The importance of choosing a good wallet

This same process of seed restoration (with small differences) is applicable to countless wallets on the market. So if you don’t use Bitnovo Crypto Wallet yet, you can still do it.

As a piece of advice, I recommend that you do a lot of research when choosing the right wallet for your funds. Study the companies and the team behind each wallet, and never make hasty decisions.

At Bitnovo we are proud to have our own wallet of the latest generation, as this allows us to be in tune with our principles. We don’t want to be the custodians of your cryptocurrencies, we want you to be the absolute owner of your own funds and we make that more than clear in this article.

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