Discover Bitnovo’s new self-custodial wallet!

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Today we present an innovative solution that changes the way people manage and store their digital assets. The new and improved version of our self-custodial wallet was designed to give our users full control over their cryptocurrencies without compromising security or giving custody to third parties.

Facilitating access to cryptocurrencies and educating users.

From the beginning, we have been committed to facilitating access to cryptocurrencies for all audiences. With the launch of this self-custodial Wallet, we take a significant step in our mission to help and educate users on the importance of always having their cryptocurrencies under their control.

Marcos Muñoz, founder of Bitnovo, commented: “The vast majority of users who own cryptocurrencies leave their funds in some exchange that holds them, which is logical given that they have been influenced for years by the habits of traditional banking and the financial system. That is why we have worked on developing an application with an experience as similar as possible to what most users are used to, but adding a great additional value, which is the self-management of their digital assets, whether they are cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs. In this way, users are the owners of their money, away from large banking corporations and governments.”

What’s new in the new Bitnovo Wallet?

The new self-custodial Wallet offers an enhanced user experience and adapts to different types of users. It has a “Lite” version for those who are accessing the world of cryptocurrencies for the first time and a “Pro” version for experienced users managing cryptoassets. It has simplified the process of buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies and also allows users to have multiple wallets with different seed phrases in the same application. The app also includes a map with more than 40,000 points of sale that the company has throughout Europe, where users can purchase cryptocurrencies in cash using coupons.

Anyone who downloads the application will be able to manage their cryptocurrencies in different blockchains, as well as store and visualize NFTs, thus becoming a practical and versatile free application available to everyone.

With this self-custodial wallet, we demonstrate our commitment to the crypto ecosystem and philosophy, providing anyone with a secure solution to manage their cryptoassets.

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