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Attention to all crypto fans in the world and especially to Ethereum fans! Every day we are closer to Devcon Colombia 2021 and today we tell you absolutely everything about this unmissable event.
Although the event was originally planned for the year 2020, it has had to be postponed. Pandemics do not understand passions, so Vitalik Buterin and the Ethereum community will have to wait a little longer for the usual event that takes place year after year.
Of course, they won’t be the only ones to suffer from the wait, as the rest of the crypto world is waiting for news about the development of Ethereum 2.0 and the many other innovations that this fabulous community promotes.

What is Devcon

Devcon is the only annual meeting held by the Ethereum Foundation, and it dates back to a small meeting in Berlin (Devcon 0) about a year before the network was launched. For some members of the Ethereum ecosystem, Devcon is a kind of family reunion, while for others it is a great venue to talk about the latest developments in content ranging from technical research to application launches and more.
Over the years, it has become clear that Devcon also serves the community in other ways:
– Collaboration and knowledge sharing
The Devcon is an opportunity to be in the same room as all the other members of the community and find an ideal space for meetings, talks, and above all, to get to work.
– Teaching, communicating and generating new ideas
Devcon is also an excellent opportunity to learn and teach. People travel to Devcon to understand all the new developments at Ethereum and share what they have learned over the past year.
– Use of Ethereum-based technology through “internal testing
Devcon is a conference made by and for the Ethereum community and uses tools created by the community in the spirit of educating users and supporting Ethereum-based projects. All attendees will be able to experience first hand the latest developments.
After listening to the comments of the community, with a strong request showing a lot of desire to host a Devcon in Latin America, finally the Ethereum Foundation had selected Bogota as the city chosen for Devcon 2020.
Unfortunately, due to public awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic and the many travel restrictions, the decision was made to postpone the event and rename it Devcon Colombia 2021.
The Ethereum Foundation believes that this is the best thing for its speakers, volunteers and attendees, as they deserve safe conditions before preparing for long journeys.

Why is Devcon held in Bogotá?

As we saw in a previous article, Colombia is one of the countries leading the adoption of cryptomonies, but believe me, that is not the only reason to move the Devcon to Bogotá.
Although Colombia is a country that does not face economic problems of the magnitude of Brazil or Argentina (with the high rates of inflation), the coffee country is characterized by an idiosyncrasy that is very attached to creativity when it comes to doing business. This, in part, explains the growing interest of Colombians in an investment with the returns that cryptomonies have offered in recent years.
In addition, Bogotá is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in South America, full of culture, art and history. Close to mountains, rivers, landscapes and well connected through El Dorado International Airport with other cities such as Medellin, Cali or Cartagena.
The precise place for the meeting will be Agora Bogotá, a state-of-the-art center located minutes from the airport and the historic neighborhoods of Santa Fe and Candelaria in the Colombian capital.
DEVCON BOGOTÁ 2021 Bitnovo

Announcement of “Improvement proposals for Devcon” (DIPs)

From a space has been opened to receive “proposals of improvement for Devcon” in which any member of the community will be able to participate in the process of construction and realization of the event.
If you want to know more about it, just visit the DIP Github repository and join the conversation in the new Devcon Forum.

From Bitnovo we are waiting to know the exact date of the event that has not yet been confirmed. However, according to nearby sources, in the next few months the announcement will be made official so that we can all prepare to enjoy a spectacular Devcon 6 with all the rhythm that only Colombia can give.

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