Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies land in Portugal

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Portugal opens its doors to cryptocurrencies and to Bitnovo

We had already anticipated that we would soon return with interesting news. Well today we are pleased to announce to all our followers the entrance of Bitnovo into the Portuguese market.

From today Bitnovo and the cryptocurrencies land in Portugal with the physical vouchers that will be available in hundreds of kiosks and other physical sales points associated with Bitnovo.

This means that, finally, our Portuguese users will be able to get cryptocurrencies also in cash, buying one of the voucher redeemable for bitcoin and more than 20 different cryptocurrencies (BTCDASHETHETCLTCSTEEMBCHADAXLM and many more).




Well, it is not just a slogan, but a solid reality, since Bitnovo have succeeded in bringing anyone closer to the world of crypto.

Today in Portugal it will be possible to obtain bitcoins and other crypto simply by going to one of the stores present in the store locator (available on the Web or in the Bitnovo App), where you can buy one of the cryptocurrency voucher in cash, choosing the desired amount.

Once bought a voucher, users will have 3 months of time to redeem it on Bitnovo Web or App for one of the cryptocurrencies available in Bitnovo.

After the redemption, the cryptocurrencies will be sent directly and quickly to the digital wallet.

At Bitnovo we continue our ascent towards the construction of a world and a more fair and transparent society and we will continue working so that the bitcoin and the other thousands of cryptocurrencies can conquer all of Europe.

Soon we will surprise again with a new bomb. Stay tuned!

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