Bitnovo and Worten united for the democratization of cryptocurrencies

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Cryptocurrencies come to Worten stores with Bitnovo vouchers

Bitcoin is not a currency for a government, it is a global currency for the people”, said Wences Casares, one of the biggest supporters of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general.

That’s right, cryptocurrencies have been conceived and created by people for people and their impact on society has had and continues to have an uncontrollable extent.

That is why in Bitnovo we continue to be in the frontline to spread this social and financial revolution as much as possible, adopting all available means to facilitate access to cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, today we are pleased to announce another important achievement, which allows us to bring the cryptocurrencies even closer to people around the world: the start of a new collaboration between Bitnovo and the Worten store network, one of the main commercial references in Portugal and, today, in Spain, with a presence in sectors such as tourism, telecommunications, industry, finance and distribution.

The mission of Worten is to promote ‘Technology for everybody’, making it available to anyone and facilitating its access.

So from now on, Worten is working with Bitnovo to make also cryptocurrencies available to everyone, through the commercialization of Bitnovo vouchers.

Nuevas criptomonedas Stellar

Once again, buying crypto will no longer be a problem!

Anyone who wants to buy their favorite cryptocurrencies can now go to one of the Worten points, present in the store locator, choose a coupon with the desired amount and exchange it with bitcoin or one of the 20 cryptocurrencies available on the Bitnovo website and App.

Although today crypto are only at the beginning of a long way, they have made great strides towards their own democratization. We also know that, the more people and companies start using these currencies, the greater the stability and scalability of the system of transactions based on cryptocurrency will be.

Once again, we hope that the road yet to be travelled will be more and more agile and fast, and that the social recognition of cryptocurrencies and their adoption by the community will continue spreading like wildfire.

In Bitnovo we are ready to welcome this great change with open arms.

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