Crypto plaza & bitnovo: a crypto-perfect combination

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Few initiatives are currently trying to energize the world of cryptocurrencies by promoting collaboration between the companies of this sector. The Crypto Plaza project is a pioneer in this and for that reason we wanted to have a presence there and even to make some small contribution. Crypto plaza & bitnovo bossting the cryptocurrency sector! An equation, a crypto-perfect combination, in which only you are missing.

In the capital of Spain, you will find the largest Crypto Hub in southern Europe. Specifically, the Loom Building on Calle Don Ramon de la Cruz, 38 (Madrid, Spain) embraces this new financial paradigm. A coworking that, without a doubt, constitutes a fintech ecosystem of reference in Central Europe.

What is Crypto Plaza? Much more than a cryptocurrency community

Crypto Plaza is the largest community that exists in Spain for Crypto, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Blockchain. A community that was born with the purpose of positioning as a benchmark collaborative workspace in the cryptocurrency sector.

It is also a space where a large number of innovation events take place.

Crypto Plaza Coworking Bitnovo

Bitnovo at Crypto Plaza: boosting the cryptocurrency sector

Bitnovo is a company that brings the world of cryptocurrencies closer to the people. We are an exchange of cryptocurrencies, from euros and fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies and vice versa. For this reason, we could not miss Crypto Plaza.

From the beginning, we trusted the Crypto Plaza project because we want the crypto sector to continue advancing and settling in society; at all levels. Thus, our presence in Crypto Plaza is due to a matter of common values: betting on the creation of an ecosystem and a collaborative, revolutionary and innovative crypto-economy and crypto-assets community. We are boosting the cryptocurrency sector, and it is only achieved by working side by side.

Furthermore, Bitnovo trusts this space as an ideal forum to share opinions and experiences with other companies in the sector.

As an example of our involvement in the Crypto Plaza project, in this space it is possible to find one of our cryptocurrency ATMs. In this way, everyone in the community can benefit from this cryptocurrency purchase service quickly and easily.

Bitcoin ATM Crypto Voucher Bitnovo

The Bitnovo’s Bitcoin ATMs are other of our bets to bring and facilitate access to the world of cryptocurrencies to all layers of society. Therefore, any sotre can get one for their business. There are many benefits of having a bitcoin ATM.

Crypto Plaza: How to get?

Below you can see the location of Crypto Plaza in case you want to get up close to this community. In addition, you can also be part of the community actively, regardless of your geographical location, thanks to its digital membership program.

Crypto plaza y bitnovo impulsando el sector de las criptomonedas Bitnovo

Crypto plaza & bitnovo boosting the cryptocurrency sector

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