Bitnovo Pay and Apymeco drive Torrevieja towards becoming a crypto city

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Bitnovo Pay joins forces with the Association of Small and Medium-sized Merchants and Professionals of Torrevieja, to promote the crypto revolution in Alicante.

Both organizations will work together to provide the city of Torrevieja within the province of Alicante with a new digital transformation project based on the use of cryptocurrencies for purchases in businesses.

The main goal of this new initiative will be to give the inhabitants of Torrevieja a unique experience focused on new technologies, by building the first crypto ecosystem focusing on various aspects such as trade enhancement, tourism promotion, sustainability, job creation, and local and international investments.

This is how the initiative will seek to enhance the growth of commerce and tourism in the city of Torrevieja, giving its inhabitants and businesses the possibility to make payments and collections with cryptocurrencies.

The project will also focus on the use of new technologies for different processes related to digital identity and vaccination registration, among others.

Implementation Phases

The digital transformation initiative will be carried out in three phases.

The first phase will focus on promoting trade through the use of cryptocurrencies as a transactional medium, seeking to allow the collection of products and services with cryptocurrencies and other crypto assets among consumers and businesses.

The second phase will focus on generating a positive impact on the environment, focusing on sustainability as the main objective, seeking the recovery of natural spaces.

The third phase will seek to enhance employability and business promotion in the city, aiming to boost the creation of new jobs and financing for companies in the technology sector.

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