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Binovo bitcoin wallet: a new service to securely store your cryptocurrencies

The Bitnovo team  has wanted to offer its users, for a very long time, its own wallet… we needed to add a very important element to the multitude of services we have offered up to now. Well, after months of planning, hard work and development, we are pleased to announce to our community the launch of Bitnovo bitcoin wallet.

The new Bitnovo wallet allows sending, receive and store bitcoins easily and securely.

It also allows users to redeem the cryptocurrencies voucher directly to their own wallet.

How does the Bitnovo wallet work?

This wallet consists of an application to download on an Android or Apple smartphone. Once downloaded the App, we will find several options that will allow us to convert our cryptocurrencies into eurosinstantly redeem the Bitnovo vouchersfind the nearest crypto shop and verify the identity after making a purchase.

From now on, to the options just mentioned, we add the one that will allow to create a wallet to store, send and receive bitcoins.

Bitnovo bitcoin wallet free App

The Bitnovo app is characterized by a very intuitive and fast system.

The menu is very easy to use, and the same applies to the creation and management of a virtual cryptocurrencies wallet.

Let’s see quickly how it works and how to create a new wallet in the Bitnovo App:

Once accessed the App, by clicking on the icon, to the right of the bottom menu, a screen will open that will give us the option to create our virtual wallet.

Creare un wallet per bitcoin bitnovo

The Bitnovo bitcoin wallet is characterized by a very important element:

The custodian of the funds is not bitnovo but the users themselves.

For this reason they are asked to create a Security Seedconsisting of 12 words, which the users must write and keep in a safe place, in order to keep their cryptocurrency funds safe.

Once the PIN is created, the wallet is ready to be used.

As we have already mentioned, the wallet allows to send and receive bitcoins to and from any wallet.


  • In the ‘receive’ option, the user can scan the QR code containing the number of his wallet or copy and share it with the person who wishes to send him bitcoins.

ricevere bitcoin nel wallet di bitnovo


  • Likewise, the ‘send’ option is very easy: once the address of the receiver wallet has been inserted or scanned, the bitcoins will be sent immediately.

Cómo enviar bitcoins wallet bitnovo

Our next challenge is to expand the opportunity to store many other types of cryptocurrencies in our wallet and we will continue to work hard to make this happen soon.

So if you if you wish to know more about all the features of the Bitnovo App and you want to start using your bitcoin wallet, all you have to do is to download it for free on App Store and Play Store.

You won’t regret it!

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